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The Jetlev Jetpack: Your James Bond Toy

Updated on December 16, 2012

This is cool, expensive, but cool for the rich. A water toy that will make them feel like 007 escaping nefarious pursuers. Its only $100,000.

Put the jet pack on and its three-cylinder, 200 hp, Rotax engine runs a pump creating pressurized water up to 420 pounds of thrust. This water geyser shoots up a four inch diameter hose of 33 ft. in length. You fly into the stratosphere at 30 mph. Flying this James Bond-like device requires training because its controls are very sensitive in the motorcycle throttle handle. Highly skilled drivers are able to launch from a dock, go under water briefly and then launch straight up like a missile or vice versa. Since the engine is submersible and fairly quiet (no louder than a fountain) it has many applications and a military version is being created. The only limitations are its 33 ft. long hose. While it has a range of 80 miles, this could never be utilized because of the need of the hose.

But, one can see uses along rivers and canals and if the length of the hose is lengthened. The unit can be horizontal under water and vertical into the air.


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