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The Jets are dummies for having Tebow

Updated on April 30, 2013

Dumbest and Worstest

We all know QB Tim Tebow for his signature thinking man stance called T-Bowing/Tebowing and for being a playmaker at times while in Denver. Although not a All-star nor HOFer he is basically a cross between lefties Steve Young and Michael Vick. In a video game I would give him an overall rating near 77-82 of 100. Plus add on he proclaims his Protestant faith (conservative style) on and off the field. He's not a bad guy, kind of has the same face profile as Dwayne Wade (ironically they both went to see the Yankees together, got booed as well).

So after Denver he was traded to the Jets, got big money, now they have 2 main QB's to watch out for so defenses beware. Just to see he got paid heat the bench and wear hats. Tebow wore a hat 5X more than he wore a helmet. Even when the #1 QB Sanchez fouled up he still got no play, #3 took the spot and fouled up as well. And if QB's 1 & 3 got injured, I bet the kickers would have taken over.

Never was a Jets fan, never will, but what they did to Tebow was trashy and I think it was on purpose. Even more reason not to like the Jets. Yeah if the average Joe was paid the same would he be happy? Yup. But for Tim this is his dream and profession to get into the NFL and money can't pay for his mental well being. Jets likely got him for the wrong reasons like a publicity stunt. More of a stunt gone really bad. Wasted all that money for what? Only the Jets management has that answer and would seem to not give it. Hopefully Tebow will find another team that would honor his skills.


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