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The Legit League Preview

Updated on August 11, 2015

Chips Ahoy Cookies

Draft Grade- B+
It's a well balanced roster that should be competitive down the stretch. It could use a little depth, and a little more flash, but it should be fine.

Best Player- Odell Beckham Jr.

This is easy. Beckham caught passes like a cold in January last year, and the return of Victor Cruz only helps. I think the Giants might take a run at the division title this year, and if they're going to do that, it will be done through Beckham.

Biggest Steal- Sammy Watkins.
Watkins benefits from LeSean McCoy providing some consistency on the Bills offense, and while there are still questions about who will be under center, Watkins will most definitely be target number one.

Weakness- RB Depth.
DeMarco Murray led the league in rushing last season, and Alfred Morris will most certainly benefit from quarterback problems.
But what after that? Chris Ivory is playing in a crowded Jets backfield, and Joique Bell is still recovering from his knee and Achilles, and Ameer Abdullah has been impressive. Chips better hope that Murray can still run after being fed over 400 carries last year and changing teams.

I Pitta Da Fool

Draft Grade- A-
This team is very top heavy. Two QB1s, Forte and Charles are elite talents, and the WR corps is loaded. However, there isn't a ton of depth, and the starting tight end is number two on the Colts depth chart.

Best Player- Jamaal Charles.
Charles is one of the most consistent runningbacks in the league, and had he been available in the first round, I may have taken him myself.

Biggest Steal- Brandin Cooks.
With Jimmy Graham gone, Cooks will be the number one offense in the effective, if gimmicky Saints offense. Drew Brees led the league in passing last year, and someone has to catch all those passes.

Weakness- Depth.
While the whole team is full of superstars like Brees, Charles, Thomas, Forte, and Thomas, there isn't a ton of depth. This team might struggle on certain bye weeks, but when the team is at full attendance, it will be a force to be reckoned with.


Draft Grade- A+
The startling lineup might be the best drafted lineup in the whole league. There isn't a hole in the starting offense, featuring perhaps the best back, the best wide receiver, and the best defense.

Best Player- Adrian Peterson.
Let's be honest, folks. If AP is half the player he once was, he'll be fantastic. He's had a year to rest his legs, and there are so few elite backs in the league anymore.

Biggest Steal- Ryan Matthews.
It's not a secret that DeMarco Murray is an injury risk. He took 400 carries last year, and in a change of pace role, Matthews might be dangerous.

Weakness- Depth.
Is that everyone's weakness? The starting lineup is loaded, but... The backups? Not pretty. I love Derek Carr as much as the next guy, but he's not fantasy QB material yet, Perriman is buried on the Ravens depth chart, who knows which Mike Wallace will show up this year.

The ButtCrumbPuddingCups

Draft Grade- C-
Lots of very good, but not a whole lot of great, though it is worth noting that Sarah did draft this team almost entirely by herself and it was her first season in the league.

Best Player- Andre Ellington.
As Carson Palmer readjusts to game speed, Ellington should carry the load for a team that looks to be competitive in the NFC West. Plenty of carries. Plenty of yards. Plenty of points.

Biggest Steal- Peyton Manning.
It feels weird saying Steal and Peyton Manning in the same breath, but hey, it's true. We've all but forgotten about perhaps the best quarterback of all time. He still has some gas in the tank, and looks to show it off early on.

Weakness- Back to depth.
There's not a whole bunch of depth on this team, but the starts are serviceable. I think this team will be in the running as the show goes on.

Mike Wingate

Draft Grade- B+
Despite enduring some draft-day troubles, Wingate was able to put together a pretty strong unit. With plenty of firepower and a good balance, this should be a team to watch early on.

Best Player- Eddie Lacey
As the Packers offense adds more and more targets for Rodgers, Lacey will see fewer and fewer loaded boxes. Lacey should have a monster season barring injury.

Biggest Steal- Tyler Eifert.
Eifert has had an amazing off-season, and as the Bengals look to simplify their offense, there should be opportunities galore for Eifert to succeed.

Weakness- Not enough variety.
This team features 2 Bengals, 2 Packers, 2 Cardinals, and 3 49ers. Bye weeks might not play well for this team.

The TJs

Draft Grade- C-
The team is highlighted by studs Andrew Luck and Rob Gronkowski, but there are several players who might not be ready for a NFL breakout season yet.

Best Player- Andrew Luck.
This might be the year that Luck finally takes the throne as the best quarterback in the NFL. He's got plenty of weapons, a shrimpy division, and a score to settle.

Biggest Steal- Jordan Matthews.
With the loss of Jeremy Maclin in the off-season, someone has to step up and take that number one receiver job... and I don't think it's gonna be Riley Cooper.

Weakness- Risky Business.
The TJs took a lot of risks on young and unproven players that might come back to bite him later on.

Bullet Club

Draft Grade- A++++++++++++++++++ kidding. C+
Perhaps the Bullet Club invested too much in suspended players, and receivers with quarterback issues.

Best Player- Dez Bryant.
Dez Bryant might be on the verge of becoming the best receiver in the NFL. Calvin Johnson isn't getting any younger,

Biggest Steal- Travis Kelce.
Kelce actually outperformed Gronkowski at points last season...



Draft Grade- C
Arian Foster's injury deals a huge blow to this team, as suddenly, there's a huge void at runningback.

Best Player- Jordy Nelson.
Nelson is a huge target, and with such a potent offense, the Packers will look to Nelson down the field and in the redzone often.

Biggest Steal- Amari Cooper.
Obvious bias here, but I think Cooper is going to be a bright spot for the Raiders in 2015 and should start producing on the field immediately.

Weakness- Unattended Emergencies.
Why is Reggie Wayne on your roster, Jess? Who is gonna start at runningback while Foster is out? And why Blake Bortles?
Bro. Just why?

Team Tardis

Draft Grade- B
It's a good, round team. Tardis drafted very well, and unlike almost every other team, has plenty of depth.

Best Player- Aaron Rodgers.
So many, sooooo many weapons, and so many easy opponents.

Biggest Steal- Darren... McFadden...
Wow, that was hard to write...
If McFadden is healthy... Behind that offensive line...
Don't make me finish it.

Weakness- There really aren't any.
There aren't many weaknesses on this team. Sure, it could use a little more beef, but ultimately...

The League Champs

Draft Grade- C+
The League Champs definitely have the best runningback duo the fantasy league, and AJ Green is a huge target. Matt Ryan is a boom or bust fantasy QB coming off of a down year.

Best Player- Marshawn Lynch.
The old man just keeps on trucking, literally, and I don't see why he'd slow down now. There's no locker room controversy, there's no Super Bowl hangover, and the addition of Jimmy Graham should only open doors for Lynch to have another great season in 2015.

Biggest Steal- Joseph Randle.
As if he needed another stud runningback, Randle has a chance to steal the starting job from McFadden in Dallas, and any back playing behind that line is going to have a great season.

Weakness- So... Panthers fan, huh?
Just one too many Panthers on that team for my liking. It won't be a fun bye week for the "champs".


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