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The Less Than Commonly Mentioned Benefits to Competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments

Updated on September 11, 2016

Competition Has Many Unseen Rewards

There will always be a discussion over whether or not a person should compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Some schools of thought in BJJ place a great deal of emphasis on competition while others will literally place no emphasis on it. Ultimately, whether or not you compete will be up to you. However, if you have been led to believe that there is no value in competing, you have been somewhat misinformed.

Practitioners take note: there is an enormous amount of value to be found in competing in BJJ events. Those who may not have thought much about competing may wish to reassess their plans.

Not Always About Glory

Most will assume the only purpose of competing is to bring home a gold medal. There is certainly nothing wrong with winning the Gold. However, there are other benefits to entering into a BJJ tournament. For the BJJ hobbyist, even if you only compete once a year, all of these benefits can still be accessed.

The Main Benefits of BJJ Competition

To list all the benefits of competing in a BJJ tournament could take an entire eBook. Yes, there really are that many. Among the most valuable benefits would be:

Your skill level will increase logarithmically. If you train very hard, seriously and with the proper mindset and have good coaches and training partners, you will see your skill level increase immensely. 30 to 60 days of this type of focused training will have a very positive effect.

You can overcome nervousness and anxiety and self-doubt. No, this is not a suggestion that competing in a BJJ tournament will help you overcome deep rooted psychological or anxiety-related issues. (Then again, maybe it will) What it definitely can help you overcome is stage fright. Honestly, many that are concerned about competing suffer from stage fright about stepping on the mat in front of a crowd. The best way to overcome this is to just do it. After one or two tournaments, stage fright is eliminated thanks to your experiences of having done it.

You might end up really lucky and lose. Okay, this might seem like an oddball benefit to competition, but it really is not. If you end up losing or not performing as well as you should, you can reassess where things went wrong and correct your training accordingly. You might discover the feedback from the loss is incredibly valuable.

Toughness levels will increase. The tournament scene is not for the meek. Grappling at the higher intensity levels on the tournament scene will make you all the more tougher.

You gain a sense of accomplishment. This benefit might sound like another bit of pop psychology calling, but it is really nothing out of the ordinary. Once you have competing in a competition, win, lose or draw, you can take great pride in what you have done. Not everyone experiences that same level of self-satisfaction and accomplishment. For those reason alone, you can feel proud about what you have done.

Giving It A Try

BJJ tournaments can accommodate all belt ranking, ages and weight classes. There are tournaments that are considered major ones and then there are the really small ones. In short, there is likely a tournament you can safely and confidently as long as your coach says you are capable.


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