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The Most Exciting Chatroom

Updated on June 10, 2012

The most exciting "chat room" for me would be found on a hockey rink...

Notice that he is smiling...
Notice that he is smiling...

The Most Exciting Chat Room

In my opinion, the most exciting chat room (the one that can take your breath away and perhaps a few teeth; at least, if you are not careful) would be found at both ends of a hockey rink. That would simply be "the crease" After all it is usually packed; somewhat agitating in nature; people usually try to act unlike themselves at first, however, eventually their true nature shows; one strong personality usually tries to dominate (i.e. goalie or a bruising defenceman or the "mule"...); inhabitants try to stand their ground (I should say ice); however, some are literally kicked out/temporarily evicted; there are explicit rules that you must follow; however, when no one is watching exploitation will occur and some get-away "Scott (Bowman)"free...There are usually referees watching all activity; however, they are human and as a result they sometimes miss infractions; "Big brother" (alias Davie Keon Jr.'s mob) in Toronto has an eagle-eye view from afar and can affect outcomes (Dallas vs. Buffalo Stanley Cup Finals...). It can get nasty in this chatroom; however, it is almost impossible to go unnoticed...There are whistle-blowers all around just waiting to "pounce"; there are well-defined boundaries (red paint); however, the lines can be crossed and sometimes they are not unlike "a line in the sand";there are winners and there are losers; however, usually the referees never lose; when individuals act team-like they are usually more successful in this area; millions of dollars are sometimes "at-stake" and the stake holders understand how valuable an effective "chatroom" dweller can be (i.e. Ab McDonald-60s vintage or even the recent Red Wings-"mule"); some of the greatest "players" actually are quite effective just-outside of "the chatroom" (i.e. the slot or "the office"- behind the net); however, they are not afraid to go in when deemed necessary...


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    • profile image

      Craig Fleming 

      7 years ago

      I do not know much about hockey, but if I had been involved in any organized sport other than wrestling and track, it probably would have been hockey. I spent many days with friends skating in and we were brutal in terms of last man standing- usually me a pretty small guy.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is why the Flyers are so dependent on a guy named Pronger. Without Pronger they surrender some control of this area...

    • connorj profile imageAUTHOR

      John Connor 

      9 years ago from Altamonte Springs

      This is the "key" to why the Flyers have done so well against Montreal. They are controlling this "real estate"...


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