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The NBA Three Point Contest

Updated on June 14, 2013
Larry Bird Was The First Winner Of The Three Point Shootout in 1986
Larry Bird Was The First Winner Of The Three Point Shootout in 1986
Craig Hodges Won Three Three Point Shootouts
Craig Hodges Won Three Three Point Shootouts
Glen Rice: 1995 Champion
Glen Rice: 1995 Champion
Steve Kerr: 1997 Champion
Steve Kerr: 1997 Champion

History of the NBA Three Point Shootout Contest

The NBA’s All Star weekend showcases the leagues best talents. The Three Point Shootout allows the best long range shooters in the league to face off to determine the best three point shooter. The three point shootout is held the Saturday before the All Star Game.

The rules of the Three Point Shootout are fairly simple. From 1986 through 2002 there were eight participants invited to the event. Since 2003, six particpants have been invited. The players try to make as many three point baskets they can from five different positions of the floor. There are five basketballs at each position and each are worth one point, except for the last basketball, termed the money ball, which is worth two points. The players are given one minute to make as many shots as possible. The highest score that can be achieved is thirty points.

The Three Point Shootout was first introduced in 1986. Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics was the inagural winner and won the contest three years in a row before he was defeated by Dale Ellis of the Seattle Supersonics in 1989.

Larry Bird and Craig Hodges are the only three time winners of the Three Point Shootout. Mark Price, Jeff Hornacek, Peja Stojakavic and Jason Kapono have each won two consecutive shootouts.

Hodges, who participdated twice as a Chicago Bull and once unaffiliated with any team, holds the record for highest score with 25 points. Hodges also holds the record for most consecutive shots made with 19. Michael Jordan holds the record for the lowest round in history when in 1990 he scored only five points.

Daequan Cook, of the Miami Heat, is the current champion.

Dirk Nowitzki: 2006 Champion
Dirk Nowitzki: 2006 Champion
Daequan Cook: 2009 Champion
Daequan Cook: 2009 Champion

Here is a list of year-by-year winners of the NBA Three-Point Shooting Contest:


  • 1986 - Larry Bird, Boston Celtics (Location: Dallas, TX)
  • 1987 - Larry Bird, Boston Celtics, (Location: Seattle, WA)
  • 1988 - Larry Bird, Boston Celtics (Location: Chicago, IL)
  • 1989 - Dale Ellis, Seattle Supersonics (Location: Houston, TX)
  • 1990 - Craig Hodges, Chicago Bulls (Location: Miami, FL)
  • 1991 - Craig Hodges, Chicago Bulls (Location: Charlotte, NC)
  • 1992 - Craig Hodges, Chicago Bulls (Location: Orlando, FL)
  • 1993 - Mark Price, Cleveland Cavaliers (Location: Salt Lake City, UT)
  • 1994 - Mark Price, Cleveland Cavaliers (Location: Minneapolis, MNN)
  • 1995 - Glen Rice, Miami Heat (Location: Phoenix, AZ)
  • 1996 - Tim Legler, Washington Wizards (Location: San Antonio, TX)
  • 1997 - Steve Kerr, Chicago Bulls (Location: Cleveland, OH)
  • 1998 - Jeff Hornacek, Utah Jazz (Location: New York, NY)
  • 1999 – No Contest Due to Lockout Shortened Season
  • 2000 - Jeff Hornacek, Utah Jazz (Location: Oakland, CA)
  • 2001 - Ray Allen, Milwaukee Bucks (Location: WashingtonD.C.)
  • 2002 - Peja Stojakovic, Sacramento Kings (Location: Philadelphia, PA)
  • 2003 - Peja Stojakovic, Sacramento Kings (Location: Atlanta, GA)
  • 2004 - Voshon Lenard, Denver Nuggets (Location: Los Angeles, CA)
  • 2005 - Quentin Richardson, Phoenix Suns (Location: Denver, CO)
  • 2006 - Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks (Location: Houston, TX)
  • 2007 - Jason Kapono, Miami Heat (Location: Las Vegas, NV)
  • 2008 – Jason Kapono, Toronto Raptors (Location New Orleans, LA)
  • 2009 – Daequan Cook, Miami Heat (Phoenix, AZ)


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