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The Nets 2016 Pick

Updated on March 19, 2016

Over the years we have seen the likes of many teams futures changed on draft night. Whether this change be for better or worse; A top 5 NBA draft pick can be the difference between a championship team, and not making the playoffs. We have seen some of the greatest of all time with the likes of LeBron James going 1st overall in the 2003 draft or the 1984 draft class involving Hakeem Olajuwon and Michael Jordan. The list goes on and on with future and current Hall of Famers; but we must look at the more important side of the draft in my opinion. The busts.

Let's just look at the very same drafts I have mentioned above. Both the 2nd overall draft picks in those classes were busts. Darko Miličić (who only average 6 points and 4.2 rebounds per game in his short NBA career, while bouncing from team to team around the league) and Sam Bowie (an nba center who battled injury most of his career after promising rookie season). Or More currently we can look at the 1st overall draft picks of Kwame Brown and Greg Oden. Neither of whom amounted to anything in the league and having very minimal careers. Now these are the extremes of the spectrum of course, but we must look at how important this draft pick is to us. We have a tough defensive minded, gritty Celtics team right now that we all love. Would we not rather look into a trade for an established NBA player than risk having the pick be a bust?

This draft class doesn't look like one of the greatest draft classes (on paper), especially compared to last years one. However there are some elite prospects (Ben Simmons & Brandon Ingram). Would us trading for a proven NBA talent be a bad thing? No. But we must realize, This draft pick is very important and we should not trade it away unless offered an all star caliber player. We have a strong potential of signing elite players in the off season such as Al Horford, Hassan Whiteside or even potentially (although unlikely) Kevin Durant. All of which are possible within the leagues salary cap. Also, we are sitting on the third seed in the Eastern Conference and playing great against the top teams in the league. Might I remind everyone we took Golden State to double OT and beat Cleveland. What harm could the draft pick cause us? Let's just say that our pick was to be a bust, we have the 5th youngest team in the NBA at an average age of 24.5 years old and an all star caliber point guard to base a team around. Danny Ainge has stated he is going to resign forward Evan Turner in the off season, who has out preformed himself this year, especially in the 4th quarter. Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley who I will argue is the best possible defensive backcourt in the NBA and Jae Crowder. In my eyes the heart and soul of this team. All of which are young and getting it done.

The NBA draft is a risk in all sense of the word. Unsure about transition into the pros, off the court actions, injuries, thousands of factors come into play with regards to a players career. But, with the roster the way it is, don't you think we have room to take a little risk? Cause I surely do. Who knows, we could be looking at the next Hall of Famer with this pick. Only time will tell.

This is how the ping pong balls stand at the moment. I simulated the draft lottery ten times and out of those ten the Celtics got a top 3 pick six times, not bad eh? We will be doing a summary of the 10 best fits for the Celtics on who they should draft. Keep your eyes peeled. Make sure to follow the @DidNetsWin page on Twitter to keep up to date with all the Nets games and records.


Twitter: @marccorey13

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    • profile image

      Scout 22 months ago

      I think that right now if we're getting the 4 or 3 pick why not trade it but we'd have to get someone good that will fit into the Celtics system and I don't know who that would be. If we get a top 2 pick then I say keep it, as we can get Ingram or Simmons who I think will be good players. We'll just have to see how the lottery goes and what Danny ainge has in his mind.