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The New York Giants: Super Bowl Champions--Time for a Restoration of Faith?

Updated on February 6, 2012


The 2007 Ring--Time to craft the 2012 one
The 2007 Ring--Time to craft the 2012 one

Giants are World Champions

The Giants are Superbowl Champions! There is the smell of redemption in the air this morning. With two Superbowl wins against the Pats perhaps the tide is turning in the G-Men's favor. I have been hard on the team in the past but I would be wrong to give this victory short shrift and must set aside my former misgivings in this moment of football glory. A degree of restoration of faith is in order, I have to admit. I must concede that after last night's performance, and after many fourth quarter comebacks, I have an increased appreciation of Eli Manning and while I have always placed the majority of my stock in him when it comes to who I think can eek out a win for Big Blue I feel that a little additional faith and confidence in his future consistency and winning ways is well placed presently.

I must admit that for a time it seemed that only the Giants could lose a Superbowl by scoring a touchdown when they are behind with a minute left to play, but they managed to hold on to those ill timed points with the aide of a couple of dropped passes on behalf of Brady's receivers. Due to the fact it could be considered that it was not so much the defense that gained the victory by stopping the Pats (although they had the chance after the sack and the third and long) one might be tempted to say that the Giants did not so much win, but that they robbed the victory from a team that when given the chance failed due to their own mistakes and failure to grasp ball in hand. Such is football, though, and week in and week out teams fail when the game could be theirs and that is the nature of the sport. I therefore submit that to view the win as such would be a disservice to the Giants and I can rest assured in the fact that the quality of achievement is unsullied.

Today is a day for celebration, congratulations and granting of laurels. However, like a successful client of a drug inpatient treatment center, the Giants have shown that they can perform as a great team does and they and their fans deserve to be proud of their accomplishments; but they have to display a period of consistency, exhibit a positive track-record and show they can avoid future relapses as proof of their new-found ways before I can trust them with the entirety of my emotional investment. Only time will tell if the suffering wrought in the past will become a distant memory and that they have truly reformed, or whether they will be recidivists and return to their feckless and inconsistent play-style and bring with it a return to the anguish of the past.

Now, with that specter in the back of my head, and with hopes of its ultimate banishment from my psyche, back to celebrating a great win.


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    • Wendell Patterson profile image

      Wendell Patterson 6 years ago from Alabama

      Congrats to the G-Men