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The Nunchuck And You -- How To Use Nunchucks

Updated on January 20, 2010

I love when people come by, for it's not long before they give me an excuse to threaten them with my new nunchucks.

Yet you have to be careful. Number one, nunchucks can be expensive. Number two, as you hold them, make sure to keep your thumb against the top of the bottom stick like it's the nozzle on a spray container. Don't hold it like an ice cream cone. whoever's bothering you is coming at you, make sure to not spin the top stick directly in front of your body. As you use your right arm, always twirl it off to the right. If your left, use left. Don't worry. That stick will be a lawnmower blade on anything that's in front of you for a good radius.

Wonderful. Now you know what everyone knows before they hurt themselves....for you have no idea yet how to stop those nunchucks do you?

Well as you spin the top stick, notice how that chain between the sticks just seems to have the links spinning but not the chain. That chain appears perfectly straight in the air, doesn't it? You will simply wrap your armpit around that chain like shoes over a power line. This will stop the spinning link, as the muscle of your hind right shoulder will simply not give that stick enough manuevering room to hit you. It will halt and align itself vertically behind your back.

After you get really good, you can catch the stick like Bruce Lee does, which will enable you to have a whole lot more mobility and option as to your next strike. Do you watch football? You see how wide recievers catch the ball? They cup their hands to give the ball a spherical hole to fill. That's what you do with the stick. But I don't mean creating a basket for the stick to drop in, I mean get your hand around it, let it hit your padded palm and close your fingers.

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And use good sportsmanship.

For more information on nunchucks, CLICK BELOW.


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