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The Olympics 2012

Updated on September 3, 2010

London is already excited about the games in two years time. Well I am anyway, I can't wait! I have already started buying merchandise from the 2012 Olympic shop (www.2012olympicshop). They will be my Xmas presents this year! Key rings, badges etc with the official symbol for the London games, or Wenlock the mascot, or the Union Jack or all of the above. And lots, lots more merchandise to suit everyone's taste. These lucky charms, key rings etc are just my style, sweet souvenirs of the games and very inexpensive too. I didn't realise they would be on sale as early as this, great!

Wenlock the mascot is an acquired taste at first but he soon warms to you with his alien yet cuddly image! I thought, how strange at first till I saw him on all the charms, badges and so on. Sweet, alien creature, I always had a thing for strange, ugly but yet cuddly creatures, like ET. Wenlock is named after Wenlock in Shropshire, where the Olympic movement was inspired. I look forward to seeing Wenlock running around the track and field stadium in 2 years time! That's where I'll be hopefully volunteering at the games. Mandeville, is the mascot for the Paralympic Games.

After my trip of a life time to Beijing in 2008, (Usain Bolt,The Bird's Nest.........) I am dying for the atmosphere, excitement which goes with the Olympic Games. I might even be able to take part in the Opening Ceremony, just as well because I hear rumours that a ticket for the Opening Ceremony will cost at least a £1,000, maybe thousands. In that case taking part or volunteering as I have put my name down to do will be the closest I get to being there. As Londoners, we will get no guarantee of tickets apparently, so it might be a case of camp outside the venue the day before in order to get tickets. Well, I don't think I'll be doing that somehow! Lots of not great rumours circulating actually, so I hope they turn out to be just that, rumours. It will be sad, if we all have to start fighting for tickets. In Beijing, most of the spectators were Chinese but then I guess the government might have ordered that for their own reasons.

The stadium being built will be finished early and apparently everything else is on track. Transport needs attention I would think, some trains are having air conditioning put in for 2012. I really hope we can do a good job hosting the games, even if we cannot match never mind beat Beijings spectacle. I have spoken to some in London who are not pleased we are hosting. I can't blame them really because of the disruption it will cause but since I'm an enthusiast, I cannot think of it in negative terms. For me personally it will be a great thing but I know that we as inhabitants will probably pay the price in taxes and the like. The government are already doing everything they can to cut money and public spending, we are waiting for the rise in VAT to commence in January 2011.

Let's hope I can afford to follow my cousin and his crowd to Rio for 2016, I keep telling him to write a book on their experiences at all the games. That would be great because he and his boys know all the trivia and records by heart and he has lovely pictures. They have been going to the Olympic Games since 1996, Atlanta, (Usain Bolt, The Bird's Nest........).

Here are a few price examples, check out the 2012 shop for more.

  • Wenlock multi charm key ring                    £7.00
  • Wenlock charm accessory                        £4.00
  • London 2012 Olympic duo logo keyring      £6.50

One of the keyrings with the Union Jack, Wenlock the mascot and the official symbol for the 2012 games.
One of the keyrings with the Union Jack, Wenlock the mascot and the official symbol for the 2012 games.
Wenlock, the mascot, a charm for mobile phones, bags etc.
Wenlock, the mascot, a charm for mobile phones, bags etc.
2012 Olympic key rings.
2012 Olympic key rings.
Wenlock and his friends.
Wenlock and his friends.


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