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The One Day A Week Mixed Martial Artist: Training MMA on a Busy Schedule

Updated on September 9, 2016

Yes, You Can Develop MMA Skill Training One Day a Week

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has become wildly popular and not just as a spectator sport but also as a great way for people to get in shape. No, not everyone enrolled in a MMA school is an active amateur or professional fighter. People of all ages and backgrounds enroll in MMA programs for health, fitness, self-defense, and to take part in a fun and active hobby. All ages and experience levels are welcome at most MMA gyms. Consider that an invitation to visit the nearest one to check it out.

The Warrior Hobbyist

Among those many hobbyists, there will be a segment that truly maintains a desire to progress and develop a high level of skill and ability. The desire for personal excellence may contribute to this desire to succeed. While interest in competition might not be there, they have a sense of self-motivated drive an determination that makes them want to become highly proficient at their new hobby. The amazing sense of self-satisfaction that derives from peak personal performance helps keep their motivation levels high.

Unfortunately, there can be a major hurdle to skill development -- your schedule.

Yes, some MMA hobbyists might only have one day a week to train. They might only have one hour - which is one class - per week to train. Does this mean you are locked into the limitations of that one day a week schedule? No, you can achieve great results. You just have to know how to make that one hour work for you.

Work does come first. Family responsibilities are enormously important as well. You certainly cannot get into the habit of blowing off important things in your personal and professional life just to hit the gym.

You also should not get into the habit of letting your responsibilities become built in excuses as to why you cannot train. Once you get into this mindset, laziness sets in and you end up never training ever.

A lot of time flies by when you have a poor attitude and are prone to making excuses for sitting out your training days. Of course, you might need a bit of guidance to help you actually book those class times into your weekly schedule.

Insights on the One Day a Week MMA Training Program

There are a few rules of thumb you should follow when you only have one hour a week to train at your MMA school. These rules are pretty simple and they can easily help you get the most out of your minimal (or seemingly minimal) training:

  • Work the basics. You have to make the basics your main priority because with weak basics you won't be able to gain much skill with a limited training session.
  • Never miss that one day a week. Consistency is always a major factor in being able to becoming successful with MMA and martial arts in general. Even though you only have one day a week to train, you have to be diligent and never miss a session. Sure, there will be those times when you can't avoid missing a class. Things do happen, but unless there is a compelling reason to miss class - don't do it!
  • Have very targeted and specific goals in your class session. You only have one hour to workout so you should make the hour very targeted and goal focused. Avoid trying to spread yourself too thin in terms of skill development. Perhaps you can spend five weeks paying very close attention to how you perform a rear round kick. For the next five weeks after that you can concentrate on executing a technically sound double leg takedown. Small, targeted goals certainly are worth pursuing when you have limited time.
  • Give 100% effort when you are in the class. This might sound somewhat cliched but it is certainly also sounds true. Since you only have one class per week in which to hone your skills, you have to get the most out of it. A mopey, half-hearted effort will not contribute to success in any way.
  • Do what you can do outside of class. You certainly have some time during the week for jumping rope, shadow boxing, performing body weight exercises, and so on. These supplementary exercises will greatly help you stay in fighting shape and aid your ability to get the most out of your class when you do attend.
  • Find a training partner that will help you workout in your home or at the nearby park. If you do this then you really are training one day a week anymore, are you?

Others Have Traveled The Same Road

A lot of other skilled martial artists have traveled the road of one day a week training and achieved great success. Consistent training combined with a desire for improvement can lead to excellent results. Follow their lead and put the right effort into that one hour session. You will be surprised that the progress you can make over a year. How could you not make progress? You have just had 52 well focused lessons.

{It ha been a while since this hub was first published....what have the last 52 weeks looked like for you?}


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