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How to Play Paintball :: Paintballs Leagues and Competitions

Updated on August 30, 2012

Paintball As a Sports :: Paintballs Leagues and Competitions

Paintball I have heard it before, yes, and a friend -- a good friend is into it. Paintball and the sports. My friend even made website due to that sports, the team activities and the group. They say paintballers are closely intact group specially if they create a team. They bond together like a family, they shoot together and form friendships, even with their opponents.

What is Paintball -- obviously an exciting game

Paintball is a sports where one eliminate the opponent by shooting them with a paintball, this could be play individually or in group. It is even a tactic used now by the military to train new recruits.This is a no contact game and you will be hit by a paintball which doesn't even hurt and the one who watches the game at times feel the stung (meaning they are more affected than the player themselves). That's how I see it, where you can see the faces of the players, serious and excitement creeps in. Exciting game isn't it, gives you the adrenaline and fighting like its real, but not quite. It makes the blood pumping, both for the spectator and the players.

The team composition is based on the objective and how the game is played, competition or for recreational purposes, novice or professional wise.

Paintball is categorized in terms of where it is played : indoor, outdoor and extreme although there are games for reenactment purposes.

A Man Playing Paintball

Paintball History

When was Paintball first played? The concept of Paintball came when three men -- an author, a stock trader man named Bob Gurnsey devised a game which is similar to animal hunting where they can follow one another or capture the opponent, by getting their flags. The game was initiated in 1981 almost thirty years from now. It is relatively a new sports but is gaining popularity. As I have stated earlier, even the military is using this a new technique for the soldiers to have extra training in combats, makes for fun and training at the same time before they indulge in real life scenarios.

Norman a 28 years old man who play paintball in Mildstadt (Xtreme Paintball Park) in Chicago has this to say ; "Paintball is light-hearted. It has room for unlimited creativity. There are no restrictions on gender or age. Experts can play with novices".

Equipment Used in Paintball

Paintball Markers -- simply paintball marker instead of gun to avoid the connotation connected to a gun

Paintballs -- are the pellets to a pellet gun, so to speak, but not so, can be dissolve in water, and is not poisonous, oblong shaped balls. It can be either feed with gravitations or fed electronically.

Propellants -- can be CO2 (carbon dioxide) or pressurized air (high pressurized air). CO2 canister is used. You can also use compress air bottle.

Hoppers or Loaders -- is the equivalent of magazines to a rifle, gets?

Mask -- protection for the eye

Outfit -- costume although you can wear anything, some wear combats outfit for outdoor games

Paintball Equipment

Paintball Marker Spider VS2
Paintball Marker Spider VS2

Painball International Organizations, Tournaments and Leagues

Some Paintballers Student Org in the US :

  • Drexel University Paintball Team,
  • University of Illinois,
  • and the Penn State Muslim Students Association

Paintball Leagues List ;

  • Almost ten North American Leagues
  • Seven US Regional Leagues
  • Paintball Leagues Outside the US
  1. Millennium Series
  2. Malaysia National Paintball League (MY-NPL)
  3. South Australian Paintball Players Association


The Texas Roughnecks Paintball Team

This is a team based in Texas and is composed of smaller teams. The main objective according to the site is that -- the team members "wanted to push their involvement in this sport to a higher level".

Safeness of the Game : Is it Safe?

The safeness of the game and some issue about the overall concept of Paintball as a game has been questioned. Paintball is safe, fun and for adventure. The accidents in a year due to paintball is negligible, one of the lowest in all the sports. It is more a kind of game which every man and women enjoy alike in different ages and level of games. it is exciting and will surely an enjoyable hobby. There is nothing like playing paintball and enjoy watching others play it.


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    • tectonic profile image

      tectonic 6 years ago from Singapore

      Valuable points here . Somebody get’em a beer!

    • alexandriaruthk profile image

      alexandriaruthk 7 years ago from US

      Hi Coov, thanks for your nice reply and I really appreciate your comments, I am interested in paintball and I like it, never watched in person play this game, but looking at the videos it is an exciting game, Take care, Maita

    • profile image

      Coov 7 years ago

      Great Article

      I really feel this will help our sport

      by opening peoples eyes

      The Texas Roughnecks are a great bunch of guys

      and im proud to be a part of something that boss.


      (Member : Texas Roughnecks)


    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I have students who absolutely love this. And when they play - they turn into different people. It's hilarious - and fun. I'd enjoy this - and I'm sure - turn into a different person.

      Great hub - of course! Rated way up!

    • rprcarz50 profile image

      rprcarz50 7 years ago


      Nice work , and very interesting sport . Have you ever played ?

      Thank you , great Hub!


    • profile image

      IronGiant 7 years ago

      amazing article covers a lot of good stuff, the Roughnecks have become like a brotherhood for me I can count on them for anything. As a stress reliever like my friend GiGGles said theres nothing better then shooting at your friends. Again awesome article hear.

      (member: Texas Roughnecks)

    • profile image

      GiGGles 7 years ago

      Paintball is a sport where young or old, male or female are equal. Ive been playing for 7 years now and besides being a good stress relief it helps keep up my stamina :) Love the HUB.

      (member: Texas Roughnecks)


    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US


    • profile image

      Just me 7 years ago

      You’re right when saying you bond together as a family and it’s a sport the family can play together special in the scenario world of it. I’ve seen more husbands with there wife’s, boyfriends with there girlfriend playing this sport then any other out there.