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The Peanut Gallery. NFL Talk. Who is the greatest Baltimore Raven so far?

Updated on March 28, 2013

A new segment in my blogs, I'm asking you, the people, about football and such, gauging your opinions and hopefully spark some lively debates.
The question this week?
Who is the greatest Baltimore Raven of ALL TIME?
...And by all time, I mean since 1997...

Jensen Messick
, Wes Welker Fan says...
Jonathan Ogden.The offensive tackle deserves some love. A foot injury cut his career short but for the 8 or 9 years he was healthy he was the best in the league. A longer period than Ray had. See. It's hard to state more because there are no real stats for lineman. You have to do the eye test and look at their strengths. He was a dominant run blocker AND pass blocker. After his foot injury he had trouble with speedy defensive ends like Dwight Freeney but before the injury he was incredibly consistent and is one of the two best left tackles I've seen.

Taylor Fields, Diehard Ravens Fan says...
The best Baltimore raven to ever play, has to be Jonathan Ogden, all-pro left tackle from 1997 to 2007. Ogden served as the sole consistent offensive player for the ravens. He is one of the greatest left tackles to ever play in the NFL, allowing hardly anybody through his side of the line. Standing 6’9’’ 345 lbs. Ogden fit in perfectly with Baltimore’s rough and tough look, and fans quickly fell in love with him. The Ravens offense always struggled, and one of its only bright spots during his career, was the rushing game of Jamal Lewis, which Ogden had a substantial effect on. Ogden gave the offense the only ounce of swagger that the defense had. He was known around the league as a friendly guy off the field, and showing another side on the field. New York Giants DE Michael Strahan. Was quoted as saying "You see him, you think to yourself this guy is not mean enough to handle the mean guys out there in the NFL. Jonathan would rip your limbs off, and he'd smile...and wave your arm in front of you." Ogden’s history of consistently handling tough defensive opponents, and protecting Baltimore’s backfield, makes him the greatest raven to ever play. Ogden recovered 7 fumbles, and had 10 tackles. He also had two receptions, for two yards, and two touchdowns. Ogden finished his career as he started it; in Baltimore. He was inducted into the ring of honor, and the NFL hall of fame.

Ryan Smith, pessimistic Raiders fan says...
Honestly, I expected one of those guys to say Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, something silly like that. Jonathan Ogden, a man I met in the parking lot of the Raiders/Ravens game back in 2008, probably would've been my answer too. So... This is awkward. No controversy this round. I guess, since this article isn't called, "Jonthan Ogden is awesome", I should say somebody else...
Kyle Boller?
I guess I'll just say...


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    • Annie Gelderman profile image

      Annie Gelderman 5 years ago

      The most unappreciated Raven of all time?

      Trent Dilfer