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The Philadelphia Eagles - Hottest Team Not to Make the Playoffs?

Updated on December 27, 2011
Michael Vick
Michael Vick

Eagles Finish a Disappointing Year - Missing the Playoffs

I'm a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan so you can imagine my disappointment in the fact that they got eliminated from the playoffs this past weekend. The 2011-2012 season was a huge let down for Eagles fans, who have been spoiled with consistant NFC East Championships and playoff appearances. So what was the big issue with this team that had them starting off a dismal 1-3, blowing big leads in the 4rth quarter, and having a terrible home record?

First of all, I don't think the NFL lockout helped the Eagles at all. I truly believe that even the best of teams need to get into training camp and get repititions together, no matter how good you really are. I think not having that time to mesh together in a normal pre-season timeframe was a serious contributing factor.

Add to that, the antics and disappointment of DeSean Jackson over his inability to get a contract extension from the Eagles, and we all saw what kind of a season he had both on and off the field. Granted, I think that for his contributions to the Eagles over the past few years, the guy was truly under paid and probably should have gotten the contract that he deserved. In my opinion, i think he really could have handled things better. If he would have kept his mouth closed, and went out there and simply had an All-Pro year, he would have been garanteed the big contract would be coming in at the end of the season. Teh guy is a talent and a speed deamon the likes of which the NFL hasn't seen in quite some time.

Their offense still remains one of the most lethal and potent attacks in the league, filled with superstars at all the key positions. Michael Vick still remains the scariest QB in the NFL. He's got a rocket for an arm and is probably faster than alot of the top RB's from other teams. He's tough to defend and has alot of key targets.

Aside from the above mentioned Jackson, who we know can go deep at anytime, Jeremy Maclin continues to improve and be a meance to opposing defenses. Going from not being able to play all year, to the on field performances we saw was great to see from Maclin.

Finally, we can't say enough about Lesean McCoy. Probably the best RB in the league this year. This guy simply finds a way to keep a play going. He found the end zone more than any other back in the NFL and his season rushing numbers are off the charts.

The Eagles defense was probably the biggest disappointment all season. After going out and picking up all those high priced, highly rated free agents, we thought nobody would be able to move the ball against the Eagles. The end result was just the opposite. Team ate up our "Dream Team" secondary and they also struggled to stop the run. Hopefully getting a year under their belt, we'll see this secondary come back next season to be one of the premier defenses in the league.

Finally, health played a key role in the Eagles roster this year. Offensively, they lost Maclin and Vick for a major part of the season. Vince Young did step up and fill Vikc's shoes admirably, but he's still no Michael Vick. Three was even the one game when Jackson got suspended and they had no key wide receivers in the lineup. Sitting out with injuries and listening to the press harp on the disappointing Eagles season was hard to take for this team.

It could have only been expected that once the Eagles got healthy, the NFL was in trouble, and that's exactly what we saw. Coming into the last four games of the season, the Eagles has all their big weapons back and healthy. And so far, the results speak for themselves. Nobody has come close to beating them. They made the Giants, Jets, and Cowboys, all playoff contender franchises look weak. The unfortunate thing is that all those teams still have playoff hopes while the Eagles are done. I assume we'll see similar results in the final week of the seaosn against the Redskins. Look for big numbers from Vick and the receiving crew. McCoy left the Cowboys game hurting so we'll have to see about him.

So the Eagles got it together and were peaking at the right time. Unfortunately, a loss by the Jets to the Giants ended all hope of them clinching a playoff spot. In my opinion, I truly think they are currently the hottest team in the NFL. Had they made the playoffs, I think they would be a very tough team to beat. I think the rest of the NFC is very happy they won't be seeing the Eagles. Come on, looking at the Giants, Jets, and Cowboys over these past three weeks, none of them were impressive at all. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that all three are struggling big time.

I'm not saying the Eagles would be able to easily beat the likes of the Packers or the Saints, but I kow they would definitely give both those teams a run for their money with a very high possibility of beating both of them.

Currently The Best Playing Team in the NFL?

Again, I'll stand by my words and say the "going nowhere" Eagles are playing the best football in the NFL right now and I'd put them up against anybody at ths point. I'd like to hear your opinions on that.

If nothing else, hopefully this season will be a learning experience for this overly talented team and next season they come out of the gates with a vengeance.

I expect to hear some harsh comments from the NY fans based on my comments about the Jets and Giants. But if you NY fans were really honest, would you really want to be playing the Eagles in the playoffs after the beating they just recently put on you??? Come on, tell the truth.

Eagles in 2012 - 2013!! Until then, I'm looking forward to the All Star Pitching staff of the Phillies to report to Spring training in a few months. Of course, I will first enjoy seeing the Eagles tear apart the Redskins in the season finale!!!! Go Eagles and come on Phillies!!

From a Die Hard Philadelphia Fan!!!

Let me know your opinion!

If not the Eagles, who do you think is playing the best football in the NFL at this time?

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    • FreddyCaple profile image

      FreddyCaple 6 years ago from Louisville, Ky

      It's a shame that they have come alive so late. The East was up for grabs! I enjoyed the article and not to kiss your backside, but I really thought the Eagles were going to challenge the Packers for the NFC championship. Sometimes it takes a year for a "dream team" sort of thing to jell and take off. I write quite a few articles for the following website. If interested in more NFL stuff, take a look!