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The Raiders QB Controversy 2014

Updated on July 30, 2014

#4. Trent Edwards.

The former all-rookie, Edwards is little more than a camp arm.
He hasn't started a game since 2010 and hasn't even taken a snap since 2012. There's no way that the Raiders will keep four QBs this year, so I wouldn't expect Edwards to make it past final cuts.

#3. Matt McGloin.

Despite performing admirably for an undrafted rookie quarterback, the Raiders realized McGloin was not the answer. He's got a decent arm and sees the field well, but he struggles mightily under pressure and lacks the "it" factor that makes for an elite starting QB.
McGloin will probably make the roster, but won't see any playing time unless the other two quarterbacks get hurt.

2013 Stats- 7 Games with the Oakland Raiders, 118 of 211 passes completed, 1,547 yards, 8 Touchdowns and 8 Interceptions.

#2. Derek Carr.

The Raiders got their QB of the future when they waited until the second round to grab Fresno State QB Derek Carr, but it doesn't look like it's Derek's time yet.
Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen are fully invested in Matt Schaub taking the snaps in 2014, and allowing Carr to develop. Despite having a great arm and an incredible understanding for the game, Carr didn't take many snaps under center in college and struggled under pressure. Barring bad play by Schaub or an injury, you probably won't seem much of Carr this year.
The only way he starts is if the Raiders were completely out of playoff contention and Schaub hadn't been playing well.
This QB battle will probably take place next august when Carr is really ready.

2013 Stats- 13 Games with Fresno State, 454 of 659 passes completed, 5,083 yards, 50 Touchdowns and 8 Interceptions.

#1. Matt Schaub.

Despite an ugly 2013, Schaub still has something to offer a NFL team. Even in 2012, Schaub's numbers were still top ten, and he's young enough that he hasn't lost a step physically. While his numbers were bad last year, and his interceptions stole the headlines, I don't think you can blame Schaub. Kubiak's offense relied heavily on a running game that just wasn't there. In week four, the Texans were actually leading the eventual Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. Schaub had thrown for 355 yards and 2 TDs against the NFL's best secondary and with a few minutes left, they looked to be on the way to victory. Then Kubiak called in a stupid out route pass play, directing Schaub to test the NFL's best cornerback in Richard Sherman... We all know what happened next.
I don't blame Schaub for what happened in Houston last year, and while not an elite passer, I think he'll be able to put up acceptable numbers and give Oakland some long-needed stability at the QB position.

2013 Stats- 10 games
with the Houston Texans, 219 of 358 passes completed, 2,310 yards, 10 Touchdowns and 11 Interceptions.

© 2014 Ryan Smith


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