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The Summer I Learned How to Play the Guitar : Solutions for Boredom

Updated on July 13, 2010

The Summer I Learned How to Play the Guitar : Solutions for Boredom

Bored? Looking for Solutions To Boredom? Why not try doing things you never thought you can do before. I did, I learned guitar playing on my own. I need to learn how to crochet and I can do it if I have more time.

Oftentimes I hear people saying they are bored. Even the busiest people can get bored too, routines, not much going on, expectations not met, and just plainly bored, it can happen to even the most creative person. What happens when you are bored is that it is the start of things yet to come, bored in a relationship, bored of routines, bored of just the things that is happening. Of course, there are solutions for boredom and they are not hard to do.

 Yes, I remember the summer that I learned how to play the guitar. Summer is always a time to anticipate specially if you are still at school and you are bored with morning routines, wake up, take a shower, listen to your mother's instructions for the day and wait for your brother or sister so you can go together at school. We don't have a school bus, school bus in the Philippines are used by middle to upper class children and those who live in the city. My family doesn't belong to the two classifications, we belong to "below middle class" classifications, although I learned later in college that we can be classified as middle class. Economic classification is beyond that, we have a high social status in the community according to my father -- He is always the head of the Parents Teachers Association and community gathering, they always look up at him and our family becomes a model in the community -- three beautiful children and my mother owns a small store plus my father works for the government. In a community where all are farmers, they look up to people who are educated (my father was well educated) and can work a job different from theirs, toiling the soil -- farmers own low income in the Philippines except for those who have big farmlands. Of course I know that their hands fed the entire nation with their crops.

I got carried away, but the main point here I am getting at is getting away with boredom and what to do during summer (of course for those who work, there is no summer, they work the whole year round making a living and then go on vacation for say two weeks or more if they are lucky).But there are times when we get bored doing the same routine. I could imagine a good friend here at HubPages -- Micky Dee -- biking the whole year round and I am sure he is having lots of fun.

But to most of us who just go home, sit down and type in the computer, there are times when we get bored. well yes there are children at home but when you are living alone it is a different story.

I would like to share my story, how I overcome boredom and learned to play the guitar on my own, and form that time on, I never stop playing it. playing the guitar eases my boredom, and yes I learned about HubPages, and thought that maybe I could write also. Now, I will never get bored again.

Yes, I don't have a boyfriend then, I was sitting in the dorm, far away from my family, then my roommates will visit their relatives every weekend. I was left alone being a "nerd" they say and I always stare at the ceiling, how life would be different if my parents place are near, but alas it will be ten hours by bus to reach home.

I suddenly found myself saving money and I bought my first guitar and "how to" play the guitar, learning the chords etc, It didn't help, I needed more than a guitar and a how to book. I needed motivations and the willpower to survive boredom with the best alternative -- your favorite and wish list of what you like to do -- removing all those outrageous ideas college students have -- like being a gf to the most handsomest man around.

Finally, I like the feel of the guitar and to challenge myself in learning it, See I can do it too thing. I started roaming around the College of Music halls, hoping to befriend somebody who is into music, but alas they were too busy in school and learning the theories of music, maybe they know how to play the guitar already unlike me zero at theories and practice.

I went back to my dorm and strumming the guitar, ouch that hurt at first -- must be the first touch etc. And from then on, I never looked back, I stopped one time when I had my first baby, earned a masters, had children -- then school again, but I never forgot to play the guitar, it always there when I am bored, it was companion all my life, when I was annulled from my marriage, started to think life, get bored and happier times. Guitar is a companion of mine. it is not expensive, it is always there for you, it will never leave you, it will console you and then it will become a part of you.That is my guitar.

  • For most of you who are boredom why not try a thing which you would like to try before but never had the time, opportunity and the luxury of doing it, try it, then you will realized it is never too late.
  • It maybe hard at first, but keep on trying, learning and you will become happy
  • Make a time for it and invest if you must, there is nothing like (bad feelings) never having the chance to do what you like to do
  • Don't surrender at first it might be difficult and time consuming but every step can be achieved and you will be happy with the little results you get everyday. Once you have the feel for it, it will be easy the next time you do it.
  • If you can find support group or people who are also into it in your area the better, group fun can be fun if you are tired doing it alone on your own plus you can have lots of other activities when you feel like doing other things and somebody to teach you when you are not into reading and learning new things.

I did it and I was very happy, I never really stopped since then.


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    • divacratus profile image

      Kalpana Iyer 5 years ago from India

      This is something in my to-do list. It always helps to learn something new when you're bored. I get really cranky when I'm bored with my monotonous routine so I end up doing something new to break free from it all. I love music! So I guess this is what would cater to me as well. Glad to know you're enjoying the start of your musical endeavors! Keep going!

    • alexandriaruthk profile image

      alexandriaruthk 7 years ago from US

      thanks Mentalist,

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      After Learning to play an instrument comes the spiritual appreciation of music:)