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The Superbowl

Updated on March 4, 2014

The Grand Daddy of Them All

The Biggest Game of the Year

The Superbowl is just a few days away and it's shaping up to be a great one. Two of the elite teams, one with a shut down defense and one with a record setting offense take the field in what should be a great game. Peyton Manning looks to win his second Superbowl while Russell Wilson looks to win his first in just his second season. The game looks pretty even on paper, which is why we are going to dive into the matchup to get a better understanding of who will win.

Peyton Manning

The Matchup

  • Lets take a look at the matchup. Lets start on the offense.
  • Peyton Manning is having his best season ever, and the Broncos offense is unstoppable at times. He has a plethora of weapons like Decker, Welker, and both Demarius and Julius Thomas, and also has a much improved Knowshon Moreno coming out of the backfield. The Seahawks offense is a very explosive offense.
  • Russell Wilson not only has a great arm, but can extend plays with his feet. The beast himself, Marshawn Lynch, has been a difference maker all year, and now with a healthy Percy Harvin, this offense is capable of putting up big points.
  • The difference in the offense will come down to the wide receivers. Denver has got great wide receiver core, probably the best in the league. Peyton Manning's #1 target is Demarious Thomas, who will get matched up with Richard Sherman. Even if Richard Sherman shuts Thomas down, Denver still has Decker on the outside, Welker in the slot, and Julius Thomas down the middle as well. Seattle can't match up to these wide receivers, which is going to create problems for them all day. Seattle's wide receiving core is made up of several good, but not great wide receivers. Golden Tate has been the #1 option for Wilson all year, followed by Baldwin and Kearse. The return of Percy Harvin should be a big advantage not only at wide receiver, but also in the return game.
  • Overall, the Broncos offense is far more explosive and productive than Seattle's. Advantage Denver.

Richard Sherman

Defense Wins Championships

  • Next is the defense. With Von Miller out for the season, and a defense that's giving up 25 points a game, Denver has been vulnerable on defense this year. Although they have only allowed one 100 yard rusher this season, they have been shredded in the passing game.
  • The Seahawks have allowed a leagues best 14 points per game this season, mainly led by the Legion of Boom. Richard Sherman and company have been stellar all year, and have proven to lock down elite receivers. Seattle's secondary has been very good all year, and players like Cliff Avril have gotten pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Kim Chancellor and Earl Thomas have had great years shutting down opposing teams passing games, and their physical play takes wide receivers out of games.
  • The key to Seattle's defense will be Getting pressure on Peyton Manning. If they allow him to throw the ball, then they could be in a world of pain. If they make Manning uncomfortable in the pocket and make him move around and get him off of his game, then Seattle will have a legitimate chance of stopping this high powered offense.
  • Overall, Seattle's defense is much better than Denver's. Advantage Seattle.

Who Will Win?

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Who Will Win?

Overall, the game is going to come down to two things. Can Seattle get pressure on Peyton Manning and can the Seahawks offense put up points. I do think that Seattle will put up points against the Broncos, but stopping Peyton Manning is going to be too much. Regardless of weather, Peyton Manning is going to have another stellar game, capping his amazing season off with a 31-27 Superbowl win.

Seahawks Offense

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