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The Team No One Believed in Will Turn Into the Team No One Can Stop

Updated on February 6, 2019

Edited by Derek Guiterrez

Jan. 13, 2016, a day that will live in infamy. Hue Jackson became the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Little did Brown’s fan know about the absolute train wreck they were putting themselves into by doing this.

Does anyone remember when quarterback AJ McCarron was suppose to be signed with the Browns back in 2017? Literally all they had to do was notify the NFL that they were making the trade but they're so incompetent they didn't even do that. Former Bengals coach Marvin Lewis was stunned about the whole fiasco. Jackson proved he has less competency than Tommy Wiseau

This was just the beginning though, after constant disappointment every single week in the 2017 season, the Browns became the second team in NFL history to have a 0-16 record. Brown’s fans deserve better than this. We don’t expect you to have as many lombardi trophies as the Patriots, we just want you to be better than a division three middle school team.

Cleveland was the place where coaches and players went to die, but there's a glimmer of hope now, and that hope is Baker Mayfield. Now the Browns have had multiple first round picks throughout its life, what makes this one so different? After watching his combine again and the documentary “Building the Browns” I came to one realization, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Sometimes in life people need to hit rock bottom so they can become even greater than they once were.

It’s amazing how one man can change the whole culture inside the organization. If you take a look at his mic up YouTube videos you will see his love for the game. He talks about how he loves the challenge of being a Brown and embraces it. Mayfield has turned into an absolute gunslinger, the way he’s able to throw the football at lighting speed is a sight to behold.

That’s not to say he doesn’t have support from his teammates. David Njoku the great Hercules of the Brown’s offense has returned back with a vengeance. His work is usually brushed aside when compared to other tight ends in the league but his ability to consistency catch and run for massive yards has kept Mayfield out of third downs.

Jarvis Landry is a player who routinely is able to get the job done in the end zone when the Browns need it, he will become a staple in their offence next season.

Nick Chubb is also a rookie who has shown a lot of promise, with him breaking the Browns record for longest run in franchise history he’s already made a legacy in his first year.

The true monster is in the defence, Myles Garrett. He has consistently lead the defence into becoming a brick wall, stopping everything in their path.

Truly the blessing all Brown’s fans were hoping for finally came true in Oct. the Browns parted ways with Jackson and later gave a man by the name of Freddie Kitchens the role of turning this organization around.

He may not be the perfect guy, but he’s someone who has had experience in the NFL and has been nominated in the pass for AP Assistant Coach of the Year. He’s what the Browns needs.

If you truly think this is all just a fluke, and that maybe the Cleveland Browns will continue to be the joke of the league, ask yourself. How many first round picks does the Browns really need to be good?


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