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The WWE Avengers: Four Superstars that Should Join Forces to Battle the Rampant Evil in WWE

Updated on May 14, 2012

Heels Have Taken Over WWE and Four Superstars Can Stop Them

Not to sound too corny or cliché, but the WWE is under a reign of overwhelming villainy as of right now. Both RAW and Smackdown are controlled by the same man: the corrupt and self-absorbed John Laurinaitis. Big Johnny, as he likes to be called, has used his power to attack the likes of John Cena and CM Punk. He also tore down perhaps the greatest general manager in Smackdown history, Teddy Long, and has since used Teddy basically as a slave since Wrestlemania 28. The thing here is that, somehow, the WWE board of directors allow Laurinaitis to continue his tyranny. Laurinaitis also has his Executive Administrator, the lovely Eve Torres. What some are calling perhaps the next Stephanie McMahon, Eve has firmly established herself as a heel that’s not afraid to use her newly appointed power. Furthermore, Big Johnny has the ferocious Lord Tensai at his side. Tensai is thus far undefeated, and his enormous size and power moves may not ever be overcome. Let’s not forget Tensai’s worshipper, Sakamoto. We have seen this guy get physically involved on more than one occasion.

Then we have a monstrous animal by the name of Brock Lesnar running rampant over the WWE, maliciously assaulting all who cross his path. At this point, Lesnar has reportedly “quit” the WWE but this is likely just a ploy in the storyline; I don’t see Triple H allowing Brock off so easily. Lesnar is a loose cannon unlike any the WWE has seen before, and there is no telling when he may shock the world and come walking back down that ramp, not quitting after all.

Then factor in the likes of Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, and Alberto del Rio and you have an eclectic group of heel Superstars dominating the WWE. So, in the spirit of the new film The Avengers, I believe the WWE should assemble its own group of “avengers” to challenge the heel forces dominating the WWE. This team should, just like the movie, consist of the best of the best. They should be as follows: CM Punk, Big Show, John Cena, Sheamus. In this article I will be comparing each WWE Avenger to one of the Marvel Avengers that they most resemble.

The master of the pipe bomb
The master of the pipe bomb | Source
The cocky and thrill-loving Ironman
The cocky and thrill-loving Ironman | Source

CM Punk/Tony Stark/Ironman

CM Punk and Tony Stark: two men that are super-high on themselves yet never afraid to stand up for someone in trouble. Both men truly have the gift of gab, with Punk’s “pipe-bomb” and Stark’s never-failing ability to dominate any group discussion. They are outspoken and more often than not completely right about what they’re saying. They always have the right comeback; they always display a cocky sense of humor. They were born to talk, and oftentimes it’s trash, but almost always truth. Aside from their wit and ways with words, both men are resilient as hell. How much pain did Ironman go through only to keep right on ticking? How much agony did CM Punk endure while facing Chris Jericho in both of their recent matches? A lot. They both have quite a bit of heart and a dogged fighting style that will not let them quit.

The Largest Athlete in the World
The Largest Athlete in the World | Source
The monstrous Hulk
The monstrous Hulk | Source

Big Show/Hulk

This one is self-explanatory. Big Show is one of the largest athletes in WWE history and is arguably the best giant in wrestling today. He’s not only tall, standing at 7 feet, but he is a heavy monster at well over 400 pounds. His strength is unadulterated, having once flipped over a Jeep on Smackdown with his bare hands! He has rivaled some of the biggest, fiercest WWE Superstars ever, including The Great Khali, Undertaker, and Kane and was able to hold his ground while doing so. In a nutshell, he’s really strong and really tough. The Hulk is also a monster with unnatural size and power. He is a being that is perfectly happy with beating the crap out of everyone and everything around him. His alter ego, Bruce Banner, is a much more mild and easy going fellow, at least until you make him angry. Like Hulk, Big Show displays a much more mellow side when he’s not in the ring, always giving a child his stocking cap on his way down the ramp. He’s a fan favorite, too, having earned the respect of many members of the WWE Universe over the years. Like I said, this one needs no explanation. Hulk and Big Show are two freakishly strong and towering giants that command a sense of awe and respect.

The Celtic Warrior
The Celtic Warrior | Source
The God of Thunder
The God of Thunder | Source


Here we have to two genuine warriors: the “Celtic Warrior” Sheamus and the god of thunder Thor. Both men are hot-headed battle freaks that resemble something rugged and incredibly masculine. They possess enormous strength and ferocity against any opponent and they both fight for something bigger, Sheamus for his Irish culture and Thor for his kingdom of Asgard. They will do anything and fight anyone in the name of those heritages. They both even have some variation of a U.K. accent, with Sheamus’ Irish speech and Thor’s British. That’s just a small resemblance, however. The real reason these guys are similar is that they are both resilient warriors with short fuses and tremendous dedication in which they use to easily intimidate their foes.

The leader of the Cenation
The leader of the Cenation | Source
The First Avenger
The First Avenger | Source

John Cena/Captain America

John Cena and Captain America have one major thing in common: they are both soldiers with an undying love for the USA and all who defend it. They have heart like no one else and are proud to stand or fight beside the members of the US military. They are both the epitome of the superhero, the good guy, the protagonist that stands in the face of adversity and simply will not back down. Though Cena has more of a comical style than Captain America, he still fights with a dedication for honor and "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect". Both of these men also have an "old school" appeal to them as well, with Captain America actually being from the past and John Cena always ready to drop vintage moves on his opponents. He also has the utmost respect for all the WWE legends and what they've done for the wrestling business. When it comes down to two true soldiers fighting for the honor of the United States of America, these guys are the real deal.


In Conclusion

Interestingly enough, all four of these wrestlers have already had issues with John Laurinaitis. He has been CM Punk’s antagonist since day one, treated Sheamus unfairly several times, humiliated the Big Show for making fun of his voice, and is currently involved in a vicious rivalry with John Cena. That just solidifies the legitimacy of these four particular men being the WWE Avengers that should tackle the evil regime of Laurinaitis as well as the other heels dominating the WWE. Laurinaitis, who could be compared to the villain Loki from The Avengers film, seems to have an unstoppable power and has amassed a group of followers, such as Tensai, Eve, and David Otunga, to assist in his cause. So, what better way to make things more interesting than to have Sheamus, Punk, Cena, and Big Show, four of the best in the business, form an alliance to battle these villains. It would be like something straight out of a comic book and something that I think fans could really get behind.

Who do you think would make the best "avenger"?

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Who is your favorite Marvel avenger?

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    • profile image

      Punkbryan71 5 years ago

      Iron man:


      Captain america:

      John cena


      Big show


      CM Punk

      Black widow:

      Layla el or kelly kelly,

      And the Bad guyz:


      Jack swagger

      Mark henry

      Daniel bryan

      Eve or beth phoenix!!!

    • poet83 profile image

      Brian Lawson 5 years ago from Windsor, Va.

      I guess we can now take Big Show out of the equation.

    • poet83 profile image

      Brian Lawson 5 years ago from Windsor, Va.

      Well Layla is the first that came to mind but in all actuality I couldn't find a Diva to properly compare to Black Widow. So I ended up leaving her and Hawkeye out. Just wanted to concentrateon the main four. Any suggestions?

    • Robwrite profile image

      Rob 5 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

      So which Diva would be the Black Widow?