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The Women of NXT: Strong Women, Strong Futures

Updated on August 21, 2020
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Screenwriter. Sometimes I'll write something up on here when I'm feeling inspired. Check out all of my past WWE articles on my profile

For the last number of years, the women of WWE have stepped into the spotlight and made this Women's Evolution the most captivating story in all of professional wrestling. They have cemented themselves as legitimate performers inside the squared circle and have gained all the respect in the world for their inspiring accomplishments.

This ground-breaking movement has now set the stage for future generations to continue the path of success for the women in WWE. If you just look at the female superstars of NXT at the moment, you just KNOW that the future is unbelievably bright. Their abilities inside the ring are completely mesmerizing and you can see the hunger that they have to continue the power of women's wrestling each night they perform in front of us.

Here are some of the amazing women of NXT that will undoubtedly pull out all the stops to ensure that they continue to uplift the success of the women's division in WWE for years to come:


Shayna Baszler

Perhaps the most dominant NXT Women's Champion to date, Shayna Baszler has bulldozed through NXT since her arrival in 2017. Her in-ring abilities are completely unparalleled and the way that she rapidly adapted to sports entertainment is downright unheard of. In that respect, Shayna hands down reminds me of the way Kurt Angle came into the fold and how quickly he developed in WWE--and that's a pretty scary thought.

To come from a more combative area of fighting and convert her style towards the entertainment aspect of professional wrestling is as difficult as one could imagine. However, Shayna has proven how much of an incredibly intelligent athlete she is and that she will always strive to be the very best wherever she goes.

With her technical prowess and her ability to install fear in her opponents, The Queen of Spades has been an absolute force to be reckoned with in NXT. Now alongside her running mates, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke, she seems to be even MORE unstoppable.

It's pretty safe to assume that Shayna Baszler is definitely one of the favorites, if not THE favorite, to take the WWE women's division to brand new heights once she's called up and continue her dominance for many, many years.


Mia Yim

The HBIC has emerged lately as one of the best in-ring performers on the entire NXT roster. After a remarkable run during the Mae Young Classic back in October, fans in attendance emotionally chanted "Please sign Mia!" towards Triple H, to which he happily obliged. Since then, Mia Yim has taken her opportunity and proving to those fans why their plea that night was the perfect recommendation for WWE.

The passion that Mia possesses for what she does inside that ring shows each and every time she's in it. You could tell that she makes sure that every person watching her understands how good she really is. When it comes to the pro wrestling business, it all boils down to respect. It's universally noticeable that Mia has the utmost respect for the business, and the fans ultimately respect her for that.

As my current favorite superstar in NXT, I have ZERO doubt in my mind that the future of The HBIC is going to be an incredible roller coaster ride in the WWE. She has earned it and she absolutely deserves it.


Io Shirai

As we were all getting acquainted with the lovable personality of Io Shirai, she decided to flip the script on everyone after attacking Candice LaRae this past week. Regardless of her character change, Shirai is one of the most talented performers in all brands of WWE. Her intelligence inside the squared circle is amazing to witness, as she makes everything she does look so tremendously easy.

Now that she's a "bad guy", the level of evil intentions will certainly rise inside of her mind, as well as her stock in NXT. There's little doubt that Io Shirai will someday be the NXT Women's Champion, and it looks like that accomplishment of hers will definitely happen sooner rather than later.

If she continues this demonic path that she's on, I strongly feel that there won't be anybody to stop her once she's jumped up to the main roster of WWE...


Bianca Belair

The EST of NXT has opened the eyes of many members of the NXT Universe since her arrival to the brand. The upbeat and confident personality that Bianca Belair carries around exemplifies what kind of superstar she is inside that ring.

If you ever wanted to find a female superstar with the "It factor", then there's no way you look passed Bianca Belair. She does everything and anything to make sure she comes out on top and stay Un-duh-fee-ted!

She can ground and pound, soar from the sky, and even annihilate you with her hair. When I say the woman has EVERYTHING in her arsenal to defeat her opponents, I really mean EVERYTHING.

With that swag of attitude and her persistent in-ring finesse, don't be surprised to see Bianca Belair on top of the mountain in the near future, even holding championship gold at WrestleMania.


Rhea Ripley

When you think about the most dangerous up-and-coming women in all of NXT, how could you not immediately think of Rhea Ripley? Over the past two years, she has proven how destructive of a force she is inside the ring.

Ripley became the very first NXT UK Women's champion when she defeated Toni Storm in the finals of the NXT UK Women's title tournament in 2018. Not only did she make history by winning the first UK women's title, she also made history by becoming the first Australian to ever hold a women's title in WWE.

Only at the age of 22, it's no secret that her career will last a very, very long time. That spells bad news for each and every female superstar who will feel Rhea's wrath down her road to super-stardom.

It will be extremely interesting to see the path of destruction Rhea Ripley will leave once she demolishes her way through the women of today's WWE. I thoroughly believe with every fiber of my being that Rhea Ripley could go down as the most dominant female superstar to ever step foot in the WWE...


Kacy Catanzaro

If you look into the dictionary and find the word "innovative", you'll see a picture of Kacy Catanzaro sitting on top of a ring post (like the one above). The in-ring style that Kacy brings to the table is something members of the WWE Universe have never seen before. Coming from the American Ninja Warrior, there was little uncertainty that Kacy possessed the athleticism needed to perform inside a ring, but the question was, "How will Kacy Catanzaro connect with the fans?"


Kacy has that addicting personality that makes you suddenly feel joy and happiness whenever you see her. As she makes her way down to the ring with a huge smile on her face, you could feel that instant connection to her every single time. For the kind of person that she is, Kacy makes you just WANT to root for her.

Because of her size, she is the perfect example of the constant underdog that young people around the world could look up to. She may not be the biggest or the baddest, but trust me when I say that Kacy Catanzaro is going to make A LOT of people clap their hands with excitement, raise their eyebrows in shock, and jump out of their seats in amazement for years to come.


Taynara Conti

For this one I'm going to try being as professional as humanly possible and forget about my enormous crush on Taynara Conti. (haha)

With a background in judo and jiu-jitsu, Taynara knows different ways of how to defeat and embarrass her opponents. She has such a lethal side to her when she's competing inside that squared circle that most superstars wish they could own in their arsenal.

Not only can she whoop some rear-end in the ring, she has that compelling and overwhelming personality that makes you just want to see more of her. Her facial expressions, her arrogant attitude, and the way she conducts herself whenever the spotlight is beamed on her are qualities that will sky-rocket her towards the top.

When she finally gets her shot on the main roster of WWE, it's no secret at all that Taynara Conti will prove exactly why Latinas do it better!


Toni Storm

Since winning the 2nd annual Mae Young Classic last year, Toni Storm has been taking the bull by the horns and made her impact known on the NXT UK brand. Every single time she steps into the ring, you can feel the energy and passion bouncing right off of her.

With a lovable personality mixed with unmatched in-ring skills and a "never give up" mindset, there's no question as to why Toni Storm is one of the best talents in the professional wrestling business today. Having the support of fans around the world is all you really need to succeed in WWE, and Toni HAS that.

It's only a matter of time until a storm starts brewing on the main roster of WWE...


Dakota Kai

The return of the kicking machine is upon us all as Dakota Kai will soon make her presence known once again in NXT. Like Kacy Catanzaro, Dakota has that bubbly personality that makes you smile whenever you lay eyes on her. Between that and her perseverance inside the ring, it's no wonder why she's been a huge fan-favorite since the beginning stages of her NXT career.

Although tearing an ACL could really put a hault on one's career, Dakota is the kind of person that strives to overcome obstacles set in her path. I know without a shadow of a doubt that members of Team Kick cannot wait another second until their role model is back kicking people right where she belongs.

When Dakota Kai makes her way back onto our television screens, it's a no-brainer that the career of this young, talented superstar from New Zealand will quickly take off once again.


The Future Of The WWE Women's Division

Right now, there's no question that the women's division of WWE has a whole lot of talent that rises to the occasion each chance they get. However, I believe the next generation is going to capitalize on the success of the Women's Evolution and even bring the movement to a whole new level.

When you think about certain fantasy matches among today's women of WWE and the future women of WWE, you think about matches like Shayna Baszler vs. Becky Lynch, Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax, Bianca Belair vs. Charlotte Flair, Dakota Kai vs. Bayley, and so on and so forth. There are an enormous amount of storied rivalries that are just ready to be watched on by the WWE Universe in awe, and I for one cannot wait to witness them go down.

These women of NXT are hungry, they are passionate, and they are READY to make themselves known as the best performers in the wrestling business today. The next few years in WWE will be majorly exciting, and these NXT women superstars will certainly be a huge reason why.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here.


A superstar who I feel will receive an opportunity to shine in NXT very soon is the enormously talented Deonna Purrazzo. The Virtuosa has all the tools needed to become one of the top stars in not only today's NXT, but in WWE as well. Her in-ring abilities are absolutely flawless and it's only a matter of time before the NXT Universe witnesses them more frequently.

Deonna's performances in last year's Mae Young Classic against the likes of Io Shirai and Xia Li gave her the nod of respect from many fans watching. In a few years from now, don't be surprised if you see Deonna Purrazzo at the top of the helm....with gold around her waist.

Which NXT superstar do YOU think will make the biggest impact in WWE?

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