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The answers to the Syracuse Football Quiz and the stories behind them.

Updated on November 28, 2012

Syracuse Football is not what it used to be obviously, but it is a tradition rich with history. In a blog piece about the S.U. Mizzou game, I included a quiz about Syracuse Football, and below you will find the questions, answers and stories behind them. Enjoy and let's root the orange on to another bowl victory!

Who never wore 44?
The correct answer is "Damian Rhodes" The coaching staff offered him the famous number and he declined. he said that he first wanted to earn it and felt he hadn't. Hats off for the maturity shown by a good running back!

Who was the last player to wear 44?
The correct answer is "None of the above" Many guessed Terry Richardson, which was a good guess. I left out the real answer, Rob Conrad. That is why none of the above was right. Rob was a great one to finish out the legacy and retire the number. He didn't go on to be Jim Brown or ernie Davis, but he did go on to be a great Dolphin and one of Dan Marino's favorite targets.

What 2 characters are on the back of Syracuse's Football helmet?
The correct answer is "NY" Some guessed 44. If you have season tickets, maybe you never see the helmets that close. NY is pretty small on them.

How many Bowl Games has SU played in?
The correct answer is "23" It will soon be 24, and then , hopefully in 20 years it will be 44!

What Bowl did SU tie in?
The correct answer is "The Sugar Bowl" Most got this right. It must be too painful to forget what that jerk Pat dipwad did to the Orange's perfect record and what he did to punish his own players!

Will SU play in a bowl this year?
The correct answer is "YES" This was the only answer that everyone got right! I am proud of you Cuse fans. Keep the positive attitude and let's root out squad on to victory!


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