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The Meaning Behind Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt Colors.

Updated on March 11, 2019
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Blake in a martial artist who began at the age of 5 and continues to this day.

BJJ has 5 common belt colors ranging from the novic-white belt, to the master-black belt

Bjj belts

Understanding the Bjj belt system is an important part of the sport. When you understand that the belt stands for it makes the art so much more addicting because you want to advance. Here is a break down of that each belt means. as well as how long you can expect to be tied to a belt.

Belt breakdown-White belt

Bjj white belt

The white belt is the basic beginnings of the bjj journey. It is the one you start at and the one most people never get past. The reason for this is because most people enter a gym once and don’t return, a sad truth.

White belt is the belt you start at, that being said it is the one that you work the important fundamental of bjj. The shrimping, rolling, and bridging that are the basis of that awesome arm bar are all developed in this time. Ever forget to enjoy the white belt and take your time getting Brilliant at the basics so you set yourself up for success.

You can expect to be a whitebelt for around a year.

Bjj blue belt

Ah the blue belt, the culmination of a year of work at white belt. All the pain and suffering in class finally payed off and you advance. This is the second belt in the bjj line and is a novice rank but is respected highly in the community.

in this belt you learn to refine your basics and develop a style all your own. You learn to modify your fundamentals to different situations based on who you roll with. like the white belt this in a plateau for some, my coach calls it the “blue belt blues” witch refuses to most who earn the belt stop coming to class. For some the advancement blows there ego up and they Feel that there a black belt already.l

The blue belt is a important step in the jiu-jitsu journey but it is only that “a step” there is allot to go.

You can expect to be a blue belt for 1-2 years.

bjj belt

Did you suffer from the blue belt blues?

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bjj purple belt

As a purple belt you take a more leadership role in your training. You are a mid tier student on belt rankings but you might be one of the only purple belts in your class. Its at this time when you realize more details in your techniques that make a huge difference in the effectiveness of them. One small change on hand placement or moving from your knee to your toe to apply more pressure makes all the difference.

Most people remain a purple belt for 1-2 years.

bjj brown belt


Bjj brown belt

As a bjj brown belt you are basicly the assistant coach. As you work twards your black belt you will be instructing classes and compeating ore giving private lessons ocasionaly. you are almost there and have refined your skills to a leavel most will not reach. Understand that as a brown belt the other students expect you have all the answers to any problem, don't forget to be humble and know then you don't know.

You can expect to be a brown belt for 1-2 years

bjj black belt


bjj martial arts black belt

You made it!!!!! You are a BJJ black belt, a master. You have reached the top on the mountain and stand tall as a warrior. You are the instructor, you can lead the classes and drills. Maybe you want to open your own school? As a black belt your skills are the top of the top in level of detail. You are able to pick out things people wont notice at all and help them take there game to the next level. You have the most skills in your toolbox and with great knowledge come great responsibility. You will use your knowledge to train and improve the lives of all your students.

Black belt levels go up in degree 1st Thu 8th with alternating color patterns for 9th and 10th with black and red.

Earning your black belt will take around 10+ years.


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    • Larry Slawson profile image

      Larry Slawson 

      12 months ago from North Carolina

      Very interesting. I had often wondered about the different belt types. Thank you for sharing!


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