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The untold Secrets of Effective Bodybuilding

Updated on July 2, 2017
Mr. Big Muscles: I love it!
Mr. Big Muscles: I love it!


For quite sometime you have had this burning desire to possess that kind of powerful muscular body you will love others to admire, compliment as well as lust after but the problem is that after going through some rigorous weightlifting and other tedious bodybuilding physical exercises for quite sometime, nothing seems to be working and you are just about to give up and stop trying entirely because the muscles are not growing big at that fast rate you really wanted and it is almost certain your long physical workout is of no use…damn it!

Don’t stop now! That’s because help is on the way!

Granted you may even have a little idea of what you need to do you build up your muscles and probably you could have been doing all those without noticing much change after all the press-ups, the push-ups, the dumbbells and the barbells, in fact after all the hard stressful strains you have been subjecting your whole body to, still yet, there is no significant muscle gain? Oh!

Listen. There is something… actually something very important, you need to know. You need to know the raw facts towards building those muscles fast.

Are you ready for it? Fine.

Fact one…

Before you even go to the gym to start your body building exercise, you MUST provide your body with a surplus supply of calories by ensuring that your caloric intake exceeds your caloric expenditure. This is so because the body building process is only activated outside the gym and not when you are actually working out in the gym. All bodybuilding exercises like push-ups actually damage the muscle tissues. So you need to provide your body with some nutrients to repair this muscle damages while preparing it for the next day’s workout. So by common sense, if you fail to provide your body with enough calorific backup for those repair and reinforcements processes, chances are you will not see any significant muscle development.

Fact two…

The calorific consumption demand does not mean you will start eating everything you see for your muscle bulk up process. No! This is because all calories do not deliver the same amount of value. Let me spell out the types of calories that will be necessary we are going to need for the muscle gain process.

You need high quality proteins. Proteins help build and repair damaged muscle tissue and is the most important nutrient for those trying to increase their lean mass. So you should stick to high quality, easily absorbed sources such as lean red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, skim milk, cottage cheese, peanuts/natural peanut butter and whey - the watery part of milk that remains after the formation of curds.

You need high fiber, low glycemic carbohydrates.This is because carbohydrates aid in the absorption of protein. Carbohydrates also provide your muscles and brain with energy throughout the day and also help to maintain an optimal hormonal environment within the body. This is why slow-release, low-glycemic carbohydrate sources such as oatmeal, yams, certain fruits, brown rice and whole wheat products will provide your body with a steady stream of sugars throughout the day.

You need healthy, unsaturated fats. The truth is that not all fats will make you fat, and essential fatty acids EFAs fit that profile exactly! Some good sources of EFAs include fatty fish, nuts, seeds, avocados and liquids like flaxseed and olive oil. Essential fatty acids are highly beneficial to the muscle growth process because they can effectively increase testosterone levels, improve the metabolism and volumize the muscle cells.

These are the three food groups that should be prominent component of your calorific consumption for your muscle building.

Fact three…

I know you might be wondering when we are going to start mentioning the correct weightlifting styles. But then there is still one more important thing about you have to take. You have to increase your water intake. Water is an absolutely criticalcomponent to the muscle-building process and to overall body health in general and roughly 80%of our body is made up of water; the brain is 85%water and lean muscle tissue is 70%water. Thus a slight dehydration can reduce muscle strength and physical performance to a very staggering large extent. Such dehydration also causes a large decrease in muscular contractions. Another reason why you should increase your water intake is that water helps to reduce the risk of unwanted stress and pains on your joints and connective tissues by lubricating these joints which are exposed to friction during your reps.

Muscle development: "No pain; no gain"
Muscle development: "No pain; no gain"

Fact four…

For effective muscle building, it is strongly advised that you start keeping records of the various stretches and reps you are doing, push-ups, various types of weight-lifting , and in fact everything you have been doing so as to know at once what is working and what is not working as time goes on. Muscle building process involves a recursive method of the muscles constantly trying to protect our bodies from the constant stress which you are subjecting to it by growing bigger and bigger every time we continue to work out. So in order to record any significant muscular development, it is better to increase that stress level thereby forcing as well as tricking the body muscles to develop even bigger. The stress level we subject ourselves to in the gym during the physical exercise can either be increased by either increasing the amount of weight lifted on a particular exercise or by increasing the number of reps performed with a given weight while undergoing a particular form of exercise. So you need to keep records or tracks of what you have been doing so far so as for you to best determine what you need to do next for even greater muscle gains.

Fact five…

Finally, we come to the hardest of the whole lot. Be prepared to train hard, I mean very hard. The motto of effective and fast bodybuilding is “no pain, no gain”. Muscle building is not easy task, not at all. You have to be prepared physically and mentally because muscle development is really a very challenging experience. It is so challenging that it can easily destroy your enthusiasm within a short period of time if you lack that type of will power required to sustain and continue with such a demanding exercise.

But one nice thing I have noticed about serious bodybuilders is that the harder they push their bodies, the faster the results they see. This is simply because everything quite becomes easier and interesting when you finally commit to the task. I have personally experienced this inspiring desire of not stopping my daily reps whenever I start. For example, I may set out to just have 5-10 reps only to surprisingly discover that I can go well above that target without the slightest hint or wish of retiring! Therefore the hardest part is to bring up your will power to accomplish the regular exercises needed no matter how little, to build your muscles fast. Once you are through that point, you will surely find out that the rest is very easy! One very nice way to prevent early burnout is to vary the exercises you undergo by cycling through different types of exercises, that is to say you shouldn’t stick to only one type of exercise. That way you will be able to develop a greater part of the body while fighting fatigue or early burnout at the same time.

Fact six…

This fact is very important. Remember that the human body is like a machine hence when you subject it to such untold stress, you should be aware that it should not be overworked so as to protect and preserve its useful life. This means you have to rest occasionally. Rest is also advised if you don’t want to witness the reverse effect where the muscles just refuse to grow anymore no matter what you do, no matter how hard you push the body. Like we earlier mentioned, muscle growth does not occur inside at the gym while you train, it happens while you are eating and resting and sleeping so you must rest!

Fact seven…

This is just another fact that must be noted. Some people actually think they can depend on dietary supplements to achieve their muscle gain. Sorry but the truth is that dietary supplements don’t work or should I say it doesn’t work that much so please don’t put all your faith on getting the right dietary supplement drugs. The hard truth is that dietary supplements are not there to do the hard work for you. Let’s say they are just there to enhance the hard work you have been doing in the gym. Simple!

Fact eight…

Consistency is the key to everything we have been saying all along. All you have been doing will surely come to naught if you fail to understand that it is only through the consistent application of these facts/tidbits will substantial muscle development result because the truth is that muscle building is a result of the cumulative effect of small steps. We all desire and admire that strong, muscular and fit physique but the big question for you is how willing are you ready to will your whole mind and body out of the daily unexplainable tiredness, laziness and comfort to face the hard work of building those muscles will achieve what they really want – a strong, healthy and good looking muscular body?


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