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Tiger Woods - History Maker

Updated on September 20, 2014


There have always been history makers. They make their mark on history in some form or fashion as to set them apart from their predecessors. They etch their way into the annals of sports in everything from football to checkers. But for the most part, nothing really sets their individual stat apart from the owner of the previous stat. With Tiger Woods that all changes.

When is the last time we saw this from Tiger (photo to the right). How about two years? This is what the viewing audience has been waiting for. People have been saying, "Tiger is back!" and even sportscasters have made that remark, but only Tiger himself knows when he is back. Today, this poise for the ages that we all grew so familiar with over the last sixteen years is Tiger's statement that He Is Back!

Today, Tiger made his real attempt at the comeback with a win at Jack Nicklaus's tournament, The Memorial. Why is this unique? This was Tiger's 73rd PGA win which ties him with Jack for second place all-time behind Sam Sneed's 82 wins.

What are the odds in Tiger's sixteenth season on tour of tying Nicklaus on Jack's own course? That is historical! It is storybook! And, this is not a one time thing for Tiger. He does this as though it were laid out in a script for a television movie.

Jack Nicklaus called Tiger's flop shot into the cup "the gutsiest and best shot I've ever seen in my life."

He won his very first major championship as a professional. He did not just win a golf tournament; he won one of the most prestigious tournaments in golf. He did not just win; he won in record fashion by twelve shots, the largest margin ever. He made such an impact on this historic championship that the powers that be increased the distance to lessen his chances of demolishing the course again.

In the year 2000 (which is not your run of the mill year), the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Open was held at the world's most famous golf course, Pebble Beach. Look again at the year, the anniversary and the course. Tiger not only won this major championship at this historic time and place, but won by fifteen strokes and was the only player under par!

In 2000, the British Open was played at the Home of Golf, St. Andrews. How fitting is that? All Tiger did was win the Open Championship by eight strokes. Again, look at the year, look at the course and its history and look at the winner.

He just continues to do things that are so astonishing and so unique in their setting and achievement and venue as to set him above all others.

Simply Amazing!


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