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Think you are too short to dunk? Steps to increase your vertical jump

Updated on March 24, 2017

Do you think you are too short to dunk or just not athletic enough? Forget all that you can increase your vertical jump height and learn to dunk the ball. Whether you just want to improve your pick up game or are tired of sitting on the bench and not getting enough playing time by increasing your vertical and learning to jump you can become the highlight of your games.

Not a basketball player? Increasing your vertical jump will help you in multiple sports as well. Did you notice they measure your vertical at the NFL combine? Vertical jump is about explosive leg power and this is beneficial in almost every sport from basketball and football to soccer, wrestling and track.

There is a reason he is AIR JORDAN

Unfortunately there is not a magic pill that will increase your vertical, however, there are 4 basic things that can improve your jump height. So assuming you are not genetically gifted with Shaq height, Kobe, Jordan or LeBron genetics lets see what we can do for the rest of us.

The first thing to start doing today, right now, is release the trigger points in your leg. No this isn't a button but there are muscle knots everywhere in your body. These shorten and weaken muscles so we have to get these loosened to increase the vertical. The easiest way to do this is use a foam roller and working slowly up and down each leg and when you hot a tender spot slow down more until you relax that spot. You need at least 30 seconds per leg.

For the calves work from ankle to knee and use the opposite foot to create pressure. For the IT band area put the roller on under your hip while you are lying down with the opposite foot on the floor and work this area. You can also stack your legs to increase the pressure. To get the quad area you lay on your stomach with the roller under your thigh and roll your body to work this area.

A little fun motivation

Now that your legs are ready to train the next thing to do is the Bulgarian Split Squat. This is done by standing a couple of steps away from the bench and place the non-working leg on the bench (the top of your foot should be on the bench); then hold a dumbbell in each hand with your chest up and now lower until your back knee is almost on the floor and then use the foot on the bench to help push you back up and this is 1 rep. The goal is 3 sets of 8 reps on each leg.

An added bonus to this exercise is that it will also help you to improve your balance and core stability.

Watch this short video to make sure your technique is correct to get the maximum benefit and avoid injuries. Just add weight as you progress.

Alright, now back to work. The 3rd exercise you can do to increase your vertical jump is to practice depth jumps. This is done by standing, with both feet, on a box that is 6-8 inches high and then stepping off the box and exploding up as high as possible as soon as you touch the ground. As you jump extend both arms over your head and then land in an athletic position for safety.

Do 3 reps for each leg in sets of 3 to start and then increase the number of reps as you gain strength. This is also a great exercise for reaction time and condition your lower body for explosive power.

Our 4th exercise is to begin using Knee to Feet Jumps in your routine. This is a great plyometric exercise that when you combine it with a consistent strength training program will help you increase your vertical jump.

A Knee to Feet Jump is done by going to your keens and sitting back on your heels. Then swing your arms for a little momentum as you explode up to your feet and land in a squat position and you arms in front of you. Return to your knees and start over.

In case you are feeling weak

These four exercises will increase your lower body power and help you lengthen your muscles but to have a really great vertical jump height it is going to take more and I do not mean just doing 1,000 jumps a day.

These are the basics to get you going in the right direction and give you some vertical increase. You can be satisfied with that and move on or you can scour the internet looking for the next "magic" answer to turn you into a dunk contest winner and spend a ton of money in the process or you can just check out the link below and see if this answers your questions without spending crazy money. I tried this and I swear by it for making an amazing difference in my vertical jump height. Take a look and see what you think and get a discount through this link.

One of the guys who teach the above course

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Increasing your vertical jump height and power takes work and consistency but the rewards are worth the effort. Whether you are trying to improve your game skills, want to be the highlight moment of your games or need to increase your lower body power and vertical for anther sport like football then the 4 exercises described above will get you moving in the right direction for improvement.

If you really want to take your vertical jumps to a whole new level I do highly recommend the Vert Shock System linked above. Save yourself the time, money and knee damage you will get from some of the other programs out there. But no matter what you choose I wish you good luck and hope you found something useful in this post and thanks for taking the time to read this far.

Enjoy! (this video is the top 14)


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