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Three notorious actions of FIFA world cup

Updated on June 26, 2014

Football - Gentleman's game

Football is said to be the game of gentlemen. Eventhough the team spirit burst out among the fans the players are cool and friendly in the ground as well as outside the ground. When we watch a match a number of brutual incidents of tackling may be seen. Spectators may think that the same tackling may lead to his death or life time injury. In very rare cases it may happen. But after a few minutes of break we often see that both the players shake hands and there by that problem get solved. Soon after that the incident goes behind memory as new incidents occur. Also most of the players take it with sportsman spirit.

The world cup matches are the matches in which the country spirit of every citizen rises to its maximum level. Any one watching the match will shout for their country or for their fan country. As a result some issues may set in the galleries. These issues may be the direct response of issues in the ground or just a mis behaviour in gallery. Whatever be it the out break of issues in gallery will always lead to uncontrolled chain of actions which may even lead to death of innocent football fans.

I begane to watch the FIFA world cup matches since 1986. I think Mexico was the host country of 1986 world cup matches. The magical performance of Argentina captain Deigo Maradona finally helped them to emerge as world football champions for second time after 1978's maiden triumph. Since then I remember only two notorious incidents are in my memory till the first round match between Uruguay and Italy in this Brazil world cup. The match between Uruguay and Italy also will remain in my memory due to another notorious incident of biting a player. The three notorious incidents are described here.

Cheillini and Zuares in ground after the bite
Cheillini and Zuares in ground after the bite

Zuares Bite :

In last world cup in South Africa the quarter final match of Uruguay against Ghana will be remembered by most of the football fans. The African lions Ghana was about to score a goal to win the match and to enter the semifinals. The shot was about to enter the goal post where Uruguay striker Lui Zuares was the only barrier. Zuares was sure that he is not able to stop the ball in right manner and hence he hit the ball with his hand. Referee gave marching order to Zuares and awarded spot kick to Ghana. But Ghana was not able to make it goal and Uruguay entered the semifinal of World cup. After this in all interviews Zuares told he did it for his country which is right as per his decission. But football fans tell that Zuares cheated the game.

Uruguay striker Lui Zuares is again in media now with a bite with his rabbit teeth. This time the victim was Italian Georgio Cheillini. Eventhough Cheillini and team mates appealed strongly referee neither allowed spot kick nor took any action against Zuares. Zuare's football history says that it was not an incidental bite. He was caught twice before this for using teeth between the game. Virals are spreading in social media by picturing Zuares with sharpened bend teeth like a devil.Whatever may be it , the bite became notorious with the name “Zuares Bite”. Some says that Zuares use this notorious trick due to some psychic problems. Any how if it continues it is sure that Zuares rabbit teeth will flew in air soon and also will put an end to his golden career.

Marco Materazzi falls after Zidane's headbutt
Marco Materazzi falls after Zidane's headbutt

Zidane's Headbutt:

The notorious action in world cup football in my memory before the above incident was none other than French hero Zidane's headbutt. It was in 2006 world cup final at Germany. The fianl match was in progress between Italy and France. As in 1998 world cup in their own country France , the French team marched to final upon Zidane's shoulder and in the final match the same hero became villain by a headbutt.

Zidane was scored a goal in the final match through a penalty. But all the picture turned down by a single incident. Italian player Marco Materazzi suddenly fell down in the ground. As the ball was not there , for a moment none attended it. But Materazzi remained on ground which was due to the direct hit by Zidan on Materazzi's chest with his head. On the spot Zidan was given marching order by the referee.All the world was stunned as till then Zidan was the super hero of the championship and was declared as the golden ball awardee.

Zidan became so angry because Materazzi insulted his sister. A moments anger made the France team to bow before the rivals and to lose the final. Zidan's career also came to an end with that notorious incident. Zidan later told that it is better to die rather than apologising for this headbutt as Materazzi did what he should not do at all. After this notorious incident a term came in use , Zidan's headbutt.

Hand goal of God scoring by deigo Maradona
Hand goal of God scoring by deigo Maradona

Maradona's Hand of God goal:

Every tongue that talks about Lionel Messi now will certainly tell the name of Maradona also. This is because Messi is like that what was Maradona to Argentina before years. The 1986 world cup was the world cup football championship through which the name Deigo Maradona was imprinted in the minds of football fans of Argentina as well as the world. Maradona's miraclulous play made them to win the title again.

During the march to the championship a notorious goal came from Maradona in the quarter final match against England. Argentina was dominated in the match.But Maradona was struggling to beat England goal keeper Peter Shilton. In the second half of the match the notorious goal came in. Maradona who is short in nature was in air for the ball. England goal keeper who is very long also was in air to catch the ball.But before shilton can do something Deigo Maradona used his left hand to pull the ball into net which was un noticed by the referee. The goal was allowed and Argentina marched to Semifinals.

Later Maradona itself revealed that the goal was scored a little with Maradona's head and a little with the hand of God. After this notorious goal there came a usage in football hand of God goal.

Which is the most notorious action in FIFA world cup ?

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Villains and victims

Villain & Country
Victim & Country
Lui Zuares , Uruguay
Georgio Cheillini , Italy
Zinadin Zidane , France
Marco Materazzi , Italy
Hand goal
Deigo Maradona , Argentina
Peter Shilton , England


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    • abidareacode profile image

      abidareacode 3 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      I think these villains are heroes in their country becuase they acted for their country , not for their self.In my opinion also Suarez action seems most notorious.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 3 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Although I voted for Suarez as the most notorious, I believe Zidane's head butt to be the saddest. It directly cost France the World Cup. I realize the Italian player probably said some kind of racial/ethnic slur, but Zidane had to have more self-control. It marred his career in my mind. Not sure how he is viewed in France. Nice article. Voted up.