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How to Throw a Football like a quarterback: Made Easy

Updated on February 3, 2012

To throw a football like a quarterback, all you need is an optimistic attitude, a little bit of practice, and some good direction. Attaining quarterback status should come a lot easier because you took the initiative to look it up online. That takes care of step 1. The practice just requires time and patience. And as for the good direction, don't worry, I've got your back. Just keep reading.

Football is a Great American tradition

Here's a little background info if you were wondering. American Football has been around ever since the mid 19th century when Walter Camp, otherwise known as the "Father of American Football", created the sport. It has evolved over time to become on of the funnest team sports to watch and play. It teaches the youngsters of today the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. It shows them that working together is the only sure fire way towards success. It bonds together a brotherhood of friends who have each other's back in any situation. It is not only fun in pads and on a team but even as a pick up game.

Football is a great way to exercise. But in order for a group of people to play it, at least one person has to be able to throw it. Although perfect form is not necessary for the thrower, it is helpful for getting that perfect spiral that the quarterback so highly desires.There are 6 Basic steps to insure that perfect throw. They have to do with stance, ball position, feet, left arm, right arm, and torso. (To simplify things, the text below deals with a right handed standing throw)

The 6 Basic Steps to that Perfect Throw

Stance - In order to get in the right throwing stance, face the person who you intend to throw to. Then turn your body 90 degrees (1/4 turn) to the right. Then face your target, but keep your feet facing 90 degrees to the right of your target. Now you're in the right stance for your throw. Congratulations. Don't worry though, the next ones aren't quite as tough as this one.

Ball position - You want to hold the ball on the laces but where your hand is not directly in the center of the ball. To get the right grip on the ball, hold the ball to where your ring finger or your middle finger are on or next to the end of the laces. If you put your left hand on the other side of the ball you should be close to touching your thumbs together and your index fingers together. Now that you know how to hold the ball, lets figure out where to hold it. While in the stance, keep two hands on the ball and hold the ball at shoulder level. This will prevent any sling shot throws and will decrease the time it takes to release the ball.

Feet - Up to this point, you haven't moved. Now is when you begin your throw. Start by opening up your lead leg (left leg) towards the person you are throwing to. As you do this, take a step forward with your lead leg (left leg), making sure that you step towards the reciever. You want to take an average step forward. Do not try to force a big step because it will not give you much extra strength. As for your back leg (right leg), twist it on the balls of your feet so that it is facing the reciever, but do not pick your feet up off the ground.

Left arm - Before the throw starts, the left hand is protecting the ball, which is held at shoulder level. But as the step forward is being made, make sure your elbow is pointed towards the target to get better accuracy. As the throw progresses, open your palm towards the target and sweep across your body, eventually bringing it downto your hips and then behind you.

Right Arm - This arm moves simultaneausly with the left arm. This is the most important part of the throw because if you mess up this part, the chance of an accurate pass dramatically drops. To sucessfully do this, bring your elboe parallel to your shoulders facing backwards, with the ball heading towards the same direction. You want to create a 90 degree angle with the end of your arm facing up. This is crucial because if your arm is not facing directly up, then you will be more likely to throw sidearmed, which decreases accuracy. Once you get there, your arm is ready to change directions. Keep your arm in the same L shaped position as your body turns. Bring it slowly towards your target. One imortant note is to have the right release angle. You can figure it out by just throwing around, but the main thing you want to keep consistent is the release point. You want to release the ball as soon as the ball passes your face. And lastly, one of the most important components of getting a more powerful throw is the follow through. Make sure that after you throw the ball, you keep your arm flowing in front of you. A good goal to have is to try to stick your right thimb into your left pocket by the end of the throw (not literally). It may not seem like it affects anything at first, but it really gives a quarterback that extra umph.

Torso - This is the main power of the throw besides the arm. As you are going through your throwing motion, try to twist your abdomin faster and faster. You will realize that the quicker you twist and the more you use your core to help you throw, the easier it will be for you to throw blazing fast bullets.

If you have any other questions about any specialty position in football, just ask me! I've played almost every position, have gone to multiple camps, and have learned the basics of almost everything in football and have some positions down to a science. The only ones I don't know about are the lineman positions. And if you have and questions about quarterback or just to throw a football better (even for rollouts or how to take hand-offs), just leave a comment and I'll respond as quickly as I can.


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    • profile image

      Kyle 9 months ago

      How do u get good "snap" on the ball to make it faster and go farther

    • chasemillis profile image

      chasemillis 4 years ago

      Yes if you are starting out the two main pieces of advise I would say is to try not to shot put the ball when you throw it and to flick your wrist at the end of the throw to give it the spin. The above steps are if you want to learn the very technical parts to playing at a high level. I got these methods from the Manning's (Peyton, Ely, & Cooper) at a summer camp they put on.

      With the first part, make sure your arm is vertical, but don't bob it up and down to throw. For the second part, roll your wrists down and towards your body to give it the spiral. Good luck!

    • profile image

      djh 4 years ago

      im 12, and my arm are too small to throw the ball . i tried the throw but it didn't shoot far and didn't spin , so could you tell me a tips how to throw the ball more good