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Tiger Woods Hindered By White Supremacy

Updated on November 23, 2016

No Coincidence

For some odd reason people can never just accept what they see in the media. When someone of significance dies people say, "oh they killed tupac", or "they killed dr.sebi, its a conspiracy". Well This is no different from sports, but in terms of records and championships. So we are talking about White Supremacy here. Why do you ask, because of the word supreme.

Supreme means of authority or an office, or someone holding it) superior to all others. Now you can place whatever you want ahead of superior to all others, the point is this claim has to be proven. How do you prove this, with records, awards, trophies, championships, statistics. I know, i know; your white, you have pride and don't want to think that there is a system in place to make white people look superior. But if you look at the situation without bias and really analyze it, you just might understand what has been going on the whole time.

Since 2010 Tigers career has not been up to par, following supposed back problems from a car accident sustained while driving away from an enraged wife with a golf club. Now Its funny all this happened after the media makes Tiger the bad guy in the eyes of america first, with far fetched allegations of infidelity. Now regardless if it were true or not, its not the worlds business and has nothing to do with golf. Isn't it kind of funny when they want to destroy your character you didn't cheat with or rape one woman, but more like 25 to 100 as we saw also with Bill Cosby; another white supremacy hoax proven to be false, but the damage was done.

Tiger Is Greatest Golfer Of All-Time

  • There Are 4 Major Tours A Year
  • 2010 -2012 Tiger Was On Self Imposed Exile Originally Reported As An Indefinite Suspension
  • in 2 Year Exile That Was 8 Major Tour Opportunities Missed
  • 2010-2016 6 Year Span 24 Major Tour Opportunities
  • Jack Nicklaus Retired At Age 65, Tiger Woods Is 40 (25 Year Gap)
  • If Tiger Continued Golfing Till 65 He Would Have 100 Major Tour Opportunities
  • Jack Nicklaus Won His Last Major At Age 46, Tiger Is Age 40 (6 year Gap)
  • If Tiger Only Had Till 46 To Break The Record He Would Have 24 Major Tour Opportunities

Eldrick Tont Woods (Tiger Woods) turned pro at age 20, Jack Nicklaus Turned Pro 21

Tiger Won First Major Within First Professional year, as did Jack Nicklaus

Tiger 2nd On All-Time PGA Tour Wins List w/ 79, and Jack Nicklaus 3rd w/ 73

Tiger 3rd On All-Time European Tour Wins List w/ 40, and Jack Nicklaus 30th w/ 10

Tiger Woods Has been Pro For 20 Years, jack Nicklaus Was Pro For 45 years

Tiger Woods Is 40 years old, Jack Nicklaus Won His Last Major At 46

© 2016 Loud Mouf


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