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Tim Tebow's Firing From The New York Jets Is A Lesson For All Christians...

Updated on July 24, 2013

Tim Tebow’s Firing From The New York Jets Is A Lesson For All Christians…

It is said that fame is fleeting and that the public who normally bestowed said fame is fickle - and when one looks at the avowed Christian football quarterback, Tim Tebow. .. all these themes are part and parcel of his life so far. We all can remember, especially those of us who are avid fans of football like myself, when Tim Tebow was all the rage a couple of years ago because of his uncanny ways of winning football games, yet, supposedly, not having the skills to do so. I too became a fan, not so much because I like the Denver Broncos, who Tebow was playing for then - after all, as a die-hard Raiders fan… that would be sport sacrilege - but the fact that he is a Christian who was being viciously criticized for his faith. As I awoke this morning, the speculation of Tim Tebow’s firing from the New York Jets became a reality… in light of his less than stellar performance during his brief stay in New York. I can engage in a cogent argument why the New York Jets used Tim Tebow’s skill set atrociously, but of more import is the lessons Christians can learn from when we depend on the mores of the world.

You may say that I do not get the nexus between Tim Tebow’s being let go by the Jets and Christianity… but bear with me, my madness will be showing itself momentarily. You see months ago, Tim Tebow was invited to preach at two Traditional Christian churches, respectively, in Texas and Ohio and he promised the respective preachers that he would do so. Mr. Tebow soon reneged, probably convinced by his public relation ‘peeps’ and assisted by the Political Correctness police... the latter who voiced their disdain for those two Traditional Christian preachers for not supporting the litmus test of our time - that of gay marriage. I supposed Tim Tebow was looking at his bank account and thinking that he might get the unjust taint of being a bigot, which, currently, negatively affects one's earnings.

Speaking of earnings, in the era of Political Correctness, does anyone really thinks that Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg inherently, actually support gay marriage… they do so now because if they do not, their pocket books , include that of Tim Tebow, would suffer. Now the very audience that Tebow sought to impress and the Political Correct police he tried to curry favor with by not going to those Traditional Christian churches will now abandon him because it is what they(world) do… unlike most of us Traditional Christians who will continue to pray for everyone comes weal or woe. My mother and I did not vote for President Obama - but we fervently pray for our President for his protection and that the Lord will give him the wisdom to govern… we do so because it is what most Christians do and we will continue to pray for Tim Tebow too, including those two preachers in Ohio and Texas, he saw fit not visit after he promised them. Notwithstanding that Tim Tebow gave in to the Political Correct police on that one particular issue… I am asking the Lord Jesus to remember Mr. Tebow because when he placed the scripture John 3:16 under his eye-brows, over 97 million Googled that scripture and I am certain many came to the Lord because of Tebow’s public expression of his faith in that particular Bible verse.

I hope that Tim Tebow receives copious offers for his talent and that he will perform like he played in college or when he was in Denver… but of more import is that Tebow must know that Jesus will be there for him in all situations. I hope for most of us Christians who intimately know the tenets of the Christian faith that we will not abandon them in era of secularism, which will get worse... and will not be satisfied to keep many of their beliefs among themselves, but will see fit to intrude on our way of life by threatening our livelihoods... trying to coerce us into devilish, demonic submission.

The Christ admonished us in His Gospels that friendship with the world is fraught with danger (James 4:4) and lest I be puffed up… in many ways Tim Tebow is a better Christian than I am because, here is a man, who has kept his virginity out of adherence to the tenets of the Christian faith, while surrounded by the most beautiful of women. I, on the other hand, although married, have to literally run from such temptation. I convey this to show that I am not being judgmental, but only to show Tim Tebow and other Christians that we all have feet of clay and that when we falter because of these frailties - whether we overtly or tacitly walk in lockstep with the perversions of the day - that when wives, husbands, siblings, Christians, and the world in general abandon you that Jesus is faithful to be there, even during the end of the age (Matthew 28:20).


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    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      5 years ago from New York

      Jesus referenced Sodom and its sister city more than once -who then was He talking about and if Jesus said before Abraham was -I am ... meaning that He was in Heaven before He came in the flesh... doesn't it mean that He was there during Sodom's destruction. I find it rather strange that Jesus refers to those of us who have sex before marriage (Fornication) as being sinful, but, yet is cool with those of us who engage in homosexuality. I supposed that the preachers are bigots too for deeming those of us who sleep with another man's wife (Adultery), lying, coveting, bearing false witnesss - all of which are deemed sins by the Christ. Again, anyone of us can feel free to engage in the homosexual behavior or any acts proscribed by the Word and deemed sinful by Jesus - but do not lie and say that Jesus did not referenced Sodom and compound your lying by saying that behavior is sanctioned by Bible... In Exodus, Judges, and in Romans say homosexuality is a Sin and not only so but abominable !- by the way, I wonder where the word Sodomy derived from. If there Christians preachers caling gays name... it is not Christian - but if they say that homosexual behavior is a sin among the many behaviors listed in the Bible - it is so.

    • Chicho Blanco profile image

      Chicho Blanco 

      5 years ago from Red Oak, Iowa

      With all due respect, those "traditional preachers" say ignorant and vile things about gay folks. I've read the bible in English and Spanish. I suspect you have not. Do you know what Jesus said about gay people? Nothing at all. People who use the bible as a shield to be bigots are nothing more than ignorant cowards. Jesus commanded his followers heal the sick and feed the poor. To vote for Mitt Romney because of "Christian principles" shows that you don't have any idea of what those principles are.

    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      5 years ago from New York

      Where in the blog do I blame gays for Tebow's firing?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I know right blame the gays for Tebow being fired *eyeroll*. The bottom line is he is a horrible QB with no business in the NFL


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