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Make The Varsity Volleyball Team: Tips For Try-Outs

Updated on April 22, 2016

What you need to do

Making the varsity team in any sport is something to be proud of. It lets everyone know that you are one of the better athletes in your school and, especially in a large school, shows how hard you worked for it. There are many ways that you need to prepare yourself before you can even imagine playing on that court, with your crowd cheering you on.


This is one of the most important times in preparing for volleyball try-outs. Luckily, volleyball is a fall sport, so you have the whole summer to get ready. Days can be spent outside running and doing almost all work outs you would usually want to go inside for during the colder months. There is also the possibility of playing on a beach or grass volleyball team, to work on your skills. Running is important to work on your stamina for long matches, but mostly focus on sprint work and changing directions quickly with small bursts of speed. Work on your approach outside, and go to a sand court or the beach to get an even better work out. Focus on improving your vertical and quickness, because these will be tested and compared. Getting a huge advantage over others in this area will stick out. The coaches will remember the girl who can reach 9' in the air versus the girl who got all ten of her hits in.


Summer is also a great time to focus on your nutrition. Eating healthy is a huge part of success in volleyball. It helps you feel better about yourself, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Focus on drinking LOTS of water. Especially when you are working out over the summer. Stay hydrated and this will help you immensely when try-outs come along.


This will largely determine whether you make varsity or not. If you have skipped working out this summer, at least work out the week before try-outs. This will give you some more confidence, but imagine how you would feel going in if you HAD worked out all summer. Besides all of the physical stuff, you need to cheer others on when they are trying out. Coaches will see this, and even though it might not have a place on their try-out sheet, they will remember. Another tip: shag like crazy. Be running to get every ball and bring it back quickly. Coaches will think this is awesome and their day will run more smoothly. Also, volunteer to be the target or hander to the coach if they need it. You'll get more visibility and keep improving your chances. Call the ball loudly when it is your turn, and if here is a ball you know you can't get to, try your hardest to get it anyway. Because sometimes, you just might get it!

You made the cut!

Now you're on varsity because of all of your hard work. Keep up your passion for excellence and encourage others as much as you can. You can only accomplish what your TEAM can accomplish. Light a fire underneath them. Invite other people to work out with you on the weekends. High five after every ball, even if they hit it out or it drops. Let them know you support them, and they will be thankful for it.

But what if you don't make varsity?

Sometimes all of that effort you put into your try-outs wasn't enough. Maybe you had a bad try-out? Don't give up. You can still be pulled up in the season. Maybe the varsity outside hitter will sprain her ankle... and then what? They need someone to fill that spot. If you excel on JV, you will be one of the first people considered. Still put all of your effort into being the best player you can be, and help your JV team out as much as you can. The JV coach and varsity coach talk all of the time. If your JV coach is constantly bragging about you, the varsity coach might become interested. Overall, just try your hardest in every pracice in every game. If you don't get called up this year, you'll have next year. And this time you'll know how hard you need to work to get onto the team.


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    • profile image

      Marissa 2 years ago

      I am going to 8th grade and I am ready for highschool volleyball. I have the passion and I strive to get in varsity volleyball. My coach has been saying i play like I am in highschool because I am aggressive. I will miss her because she is going to new orleans and leaving Texas. My teammates and I will surely miss her.

    • profile image

      Kate 5 years ago

      :) Im trying out for JV in HS this year im going into 10th grade. I have only recently started playing vb, but I LOVE IT!!! I know I have tons of practice to do (my serve sucks :p) but I have been practicing everyday for the last week, can actually hit the ball now. But thanks for the advise! Ohhhh best part my school is having a vb camp starting in july! :D so ill get to practice in the gym im trying out in :DDDDD

    • profile image

      haileyy 5 years ago

      This is such good advice. I work everyday to get better, I'm a junior and high school and last year I started jv and played varisty. My goal this year is to start varsity, & I'm hopingg I get to, but I am constantly working my butt off, so hopefully it pays off. Goodluck to the rest who wanna make varisty.(:

    • profile image

      Tina 5 years ago

      Thank you so much I am goingninto 7th grade and trying out for varsity volleyball! I've been training everyday over the summer

    • profile image

      Lizz 6 years ago

      I'm in 8th grade & I'm trying out next year at the HS (there's no vb team at my middle school) and what I really need to work on is my serve. btw the coaches at the HS are my gym coaches now and they like me so I have that on my side too

    • profile image

      NicoleAngel 6 years ago

      Hi..i want to be varsity of school.....maybe ill be pick at the varsity next week the couch will watch us if we are thanks for the post i know now the tricks now how to be it

    • profile image

      Denishaa 7 years ago

      its good advice.

    • profile image

      brandi_renae 7 years ago

      these tips are really helpful , im in 8th grade and i was suppose to be on varsity , but didn't make it. &nd im now iv practiced a whole lot this summer , &nd luckily my next door neighbor is a retired volleyball coach . i have a improved so much by using theese tips . thanks !

    • profile image

      payge 8 years ago

      I am 12 years old. I recenly joined a privite school and I am trying out for the varcity volleyball team. When i fell like it i am very athletic. My couch says that i am capable of making it cause she can tell i want it but i have to work for it.

    • profile image

      abb 8 years ago