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Tips for Metal Detecting Beaches

Updated on February 23, 2014

Beautiful Beach Finds

Tips for Metal Detecting Beaches

Metal detecting beaches is a fun way to enjoy the sun and surf. Multiple treasure finds may be right under your feet, yet go undetected without the proper equipment to find them.

Remains of shipwrecks fill the oceans with ancient history. The never ending churning of the waters through the centuries, and waves pounding the beaches along the coastline, sometimes bringing with them debris and buried treasures. Vacationers also provide unlimited amounts of jewelry and money.

Metal detecting can prove to be rewarding for the hobbyist or serious metal detecting buff. Metal detectors come in a variety of types and price ranges to suit the needs of each treasure seeker. A metal detector made for use on wet and sandy soil is best for scanning the beaches, yet a cheap one for general usage works well for the beginner.

A few tips to keep in mind while searching for treasure on the beach will help maximize the chances of finding what may be under the sandy soil. The coil of the detector should be kept parallel to the ground at all times . Not doing so can cause detection depth to be lost. Go slowly in a zig-zag pattern, overlaping each passing sweep so as not to miss any areas.

Locate the high and low tide marks when choosing the area of beach to search. After determining these landmarks, imagine a line down the center of both points to use for a walking path. To get the most out of this path, search at least ten feet on either side of the walking path.

Many people walk and jog the beaches so be considerate of others when digging for treasures by filling in any holes made . This helps prevent sprained or broken ankles for other beachcombers. Unsearched areas can be found next to the more popular area, this less crowded beach could prove to be rewarding.

Underneath a fishing pier is a good spot that is sometimes overlooked. Fishermen are more likely to be carrying money or wearing jewelry than people lying on the beach.Beach parking areas also make good search areas after the beachcombers have left for the day.


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    • Jonathan Grimes profile image

      Jonathan Grimes 6 years ago from Devon

      Hi Scarlton

      Great hub and information and its suprising what you can find metal detecting on beaches. Here in Devon we have a lot of old victorian piers, and after a good storm a lot of old coins to get churned up.

      I like the rings myself and its great the jewellery you can come across.

      As mentioned, great hub.