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How to Have Fun and Organize Superbowl Party With Friends

Updated on September 14, 2012

Partying With Friends - Superbowl

February is the month of Super Bowl and is nearing again and for sports enthusiasts and football aficionados it is a season of sitting down and enjoying the moments when your team is playing -- the most awaited season for enjoying watching the most anticipated teams who are going to play is sure to be a day full of fun and enjoyment. Whoever wins afterwards, it will always a day to appreciate as you are with your friends and it is one way of bonding.

The season of football is also a time start to get together every weekend to watch the games. Sometimes it is not just the joy of watching your team wins, but the fact that friends are gathered together watching and sharing is a joy in itself.

Tips on how to enjoy Super Bowl with your friends 1

Prepare and organize a party on that day.

  • You can prepare a party and ask the availability of your friends two weeks in advance so that you will know how many and who are going to attend too. These days email and other technologies help us in organizing anything and just frel free to use it, also your cell phones

Tips on how to enjoy Super Bowl party with friends 2

  • Food -- If you know your friends are then you know what food or finger foods they will like. They can always bring their girlfriends or sweetheart if they like. I guess most people both men and women like to watch Super Bowl, I for one am addicted to it so if invited to a party, I will gladly accept it. And I will be glad to bring my boyfriend along too.

Tips on how to enjoy Super Bowl Party with friends 3

  • Buy a beer or drink of spirits to perk you up, but as always drink moderately. Ask first your friends if they can have different food and they will bring as potluck too. Anybody is welcome to share whatever they have to bring and they can also suggest on what activities you are doing while waiting for it to start

Tips on how to enjoy Super Bowl Party with friends 4

  • The girlfriends will talk together and the men will join together too or you can sit down together and play card games before waiting for the real game.

Tips on how to enjoy Super Bowl Party with friends 5

  • You can also try to have a component or a karaoke machine, ask among your friends if they know of somebody who has it and you can borrow it so that before you are watching the games or the Super Bowl to start, you can also sing

Tips on how to enjoy Super Bowl Party with friends 6

  • You can always share a joke and each person has to share his joke, and other games like card games while waiting for it to begin

Tips on how to enjoy Super Bowl Party with friends 7

  • After the game you can always stay for a few more hours and enjoy with your friends sharing and updating what happened to each other.


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