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To Arsenal Fans: The kids mourn the Gunners

Updated on April 12, 2013

To Arsenal Fans: The Kids mourned for the Gunners

The slow start by the gunners in the 2011/12 premier league season made it look like they are dead. The 8-2 defeat at the hands of Manchester united can be called their funeral ceremony. The coach admitted that it was the worst result of the club for many years. The defeat by Manchester united was followed by other defeats like that to Blackburn rovers.

Some Arsenal Fans left the club to other clubs like Barcelona, Manchester city, and other clubs they think can restore their hopes. However, despite the disappointments and set backs some arsenal faithful still remained waiting patiently for their club to resurrect among the dead. Among these many faithful followers are two kids whom I heard they story and I was moved.

A friend of mine who is a Manchester united Fan came back from a trip and told me the story of these kids. He said that there are four kids in the family. Their father and two of the kids is Arsenal Fan while the other two are Liverpool Fan.

He said that the two kids are below six year old and the kids always refuse to eat each time arsenal loss a match. They would go to bed without eating just because they are not happy that their club lost. Yet, they did not stop following their club not minding the heart break, and disappointments. I felt sorry for the kids because I know they must have mourned for their club as the wondered what caused the death of their darling club. Yet, we know that they are truly arsenal fans because they did not stop supporting their club even if it is dead.

It is for the sake of those kids that I promised my friend that their tears will be just for a while for even though it unjust yet I shall send my spirit for the bone shall rise again. Let them weep not. May be it is a good news that the gunners started badly so that they can finish better. In the past few years they normally loss the title even when they sit comfortably at the top of the table maybe this is time it is not how well they started but how well they finished.

Just as I said in the hub, “those that gunned down the gunners” the young arsenal players need courage so that they would understand that they are the future stars of the club.

What is important now is how many arsenal faithful is still out there and are willing to follow their club even if they be dead as the first four matches of this season seem to suggest?

How many fans are willing to mourn for their club and still follow their club to any length just like those two little kids?


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