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To Some Of The Pittsburgh Steelers' Fans Who Are Hating On Michael Vick....

Updated on August 28, 2015

To Some Of The Pittsburgh Steelers' Fans Who Are Hating On Michael Vick....

There are those who write for this forum who are conspicuously biased on a given issue, but they will not let the Hub-Pages' audience know, so as to falsely maintain an air of objectivity - I am not one of those - perhaps, it is because I am compelled by my Traditional Christianity to be up front. To that end, writing about American football is such a topic where I have to say from the get go that I am an avid fan and that I am unabashedly biased when it comes to one of its warriors, the quarterback, Michael Vick, who, yesterday, signed a one year contract to be the back-up quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. For writers, there are always truncated, unfinished works floating around in our heads that will never see the light of day, but, yet, there are issues that when they come to the fore, would have us running to our respective lap tops or to procure the pen and paper, so as to record our take on the issue at hand. So it was for me when I heard that some of the Pittsburgh Steelers' fans are threatening to sell their season tickets because of the hiring of Michael Vick.

Let me get my bias out of the way for Mr. Vick. As an avid fan of American Football, I know and have seen the great, current, elite quarterbacks - Brady, Rogers, both Manning brothers, and Roethlisberger - but as great as those quarterbacks are, I would rather see one game with Michael Vick, playing at his peak level as the quarterback, than a hundred games with any of those elite quarterbacks named above. There is nothing more exciting than watching Mr. Vick play quarterback because, when one does, one cannot help but laugh, scream, and involuntarily leave one's seat when this man is 'on.' If you think that I am lying (see the many You Tube videos proving my point) and, moreover, even some of those elite quarterbacks would tell you the same.

Like all flesh and blood (humans), Mr. Vick has made mistakes and his particular mistake was that he allowed his peeps to fight dogs on his property, and, some of those dogs were subsequently treated cruelly and inhumanely when they were injured during the dogfights. What is different about Mr. Vick than most of us who have made grave mistakes is that Mr. Vick paid the proverbial piper by being tried and convicted in a court of law... and spent some eighteen months in jail at Leavenworth. However, apparently, for some fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mr. Vick's conviction and his jail time served is not enough, and, as such, is the reason for their ire and outrage for the hiring of the controversial quarterback.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers' fans who, to me, are selectively outraged over the hiring of Mr. Vick, they must know that the very quarterback that Mr. Vick was hired to back up, Ben Roethlisberger, that the latter was accused of doing God-awful things to women - to many, these alleged charges of violence against women were never brought to a satisfactory conclusion... yet, "Big Ben" is flourishing in Pittsburgh, and those outraged Pittsburg fans, who are second guessing the Michael Vick's hiring, are privy to this salient fact. I am not saying that Ben should not be flourishing because he was not tried or convicted, but I still find the outrage against Michael Vick selective and curious, to say the least....

At this juncture, forgive me for digressing, but I find it apropos to interject here one of my constant topical refrains that I am passionate about: the issue of Abortion. These Pittsburgh Steelers' fans outrage over the hiring of Michael Vick is but a symptom of everything being turned upside down in America and the world at large. We call Bruce Jenner brave - and do forgive me again for my secular blaspheme because I will never address him as Caitlyn - while actual brave soldiers starve after giving all for God and country; and we overly celebrate the pregnancy of a Chinese Pander in Washington, D.C, but have murdered 55 million innocent babies through Abortion - go figure!?

I wonder how many of those outraged Pittsburgh Steelers' fans who are so passionate about the dogs, but, who, themselves are privy to their wives, daughters, and friends who, to me, have murdered babies via Abortions, but still have morally superior postures, and moreover, would still point their accusatory fingers at a Michael Vick. I learned a long time ago that most of us are incapable of forgiving - ergo, the reason we all need Christ Jesus - because many of our deeds are far worse than those of the Michael Vicks of the world.... I think this scenario captures and represents Michael Vick - but then again, I am biased!


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