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Top 10 Team Logo's from the NHL

Updated on August 19, 2012

2012 NHL Team Logo's

Which Team Has The Best Logo In The NHL ?

This is simply a question among the fans of the NHL or just sports in general. The questions being what are the top 10 logo's in the NHL going into the 2013 season. To be clear we are only talking about the primary logo's of the teams and not the secondary or shoulder patch logo's. I am interested to hear what your opinions are but i am also going to give you my top 10 right here.

1.Chicago Blackhawks -In my opinion not just the best logo in hockey but in all of sports.

2.Pittsburgh Penguins - This logo has been around for awhile and i have always liked it.

3.San Jose Sharks - The new color scheme and updated shark makes a big difference.

4.Ottawa Senators - It is a simple logo but one that i have always liked.

5.Buffalo Sabres - This logo should have never been changed in the first place.

6.Nashville Predators - This is a pretty cool logo for being one of the newer ones.

7.Toronto Maple Leafs - Simple yet classic logo.

8.Boston Bruins - Same as Toronto's classic look.

9.Winnipeg Jets - I would have preferred the old one but this grew on me.

10.Detroit Red Wings - Classic logo that i am sure some would put higher but its to simple for me to have any higher.

Which Team Would Be Your #1 Logo In The NHL ?

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Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing all of your choices for top 10 logo's in the NHL. See you in the comments below. Up next is the Top AHL Logo's.


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