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Top 10 WWE Superstars That Need a Makeover

Updated on November 3, 2016
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Earvin was a 90s kid that never quite grew up. He has his GED and a pretty sweet girlfriend.


Can The Bad & The Ugly Become The Good?

With so many Superstars employed by the WWE, it’s not uncommon for one of your favorites to get lost in the shuffle. Whether it be a stale look or gimmick, sketchy promo skills, or they’re simply not getting a push, many a Superstar has disappeared or left the company only to find success somewhere else. That success could be rooted to a resurgence in the ring or selling real estate. For some, it can just be a matter of too much of the same old thing. Here’s a list of guys we’d like to see reborn.

10. Titus O'Neil


Let’s knit pick for a moment. I’m just not a fan of PTP. I think they’re better suited as more of an Ambrose & Reigns. Singles Superstars with the ability to team up when needed. PTP is a decent tag team but with all of the talent in NXT, the formation of Harper and Strowman, and the return of the Usos, they will definitely be left behind in that division once again. Titus O’Neil just looks like a beast. Another grid iron to squared circle success. It’s always odd when a guy his size forms a tag team and his strength seemingly diminishes (See Ryback w/ Curtis Axel). There’s just so much potential in Titus O’Neil. He needs a legitimate singles run. For that to happen, he would have to turn heel. He has heel-like moments, but I don’t know if he’s willing to go all the way. Father of the year and likes to smile. He has a nice, clean image that he takes pride in. A new finishing move that sells his size and strength would put him over big time. And new music too.

9. Adam Rose

I know that Adam Rose is already in the process of creating a new character but it’s just a play off of his old one! Nobody likes a party-pooper and nobody likes a party animal. He’s shown a gift of gab on the mic and he can really move. Right now, he’s better suited facing a guy like R-Truth on Superstars or Main Event. That may just be where he ends up, but he could make it to the main roster with a few tweaks. I would take the microphone away from him a little bit. He talks longer than his matches are. He needs to back it up in the ring. He needs a good signature move the fans can get behind. And a valet. An attractive woman companion by his side could shoot him up to midcard status. Most importantly, a haircut. Look what a change in hair style has done for Sheamus.

8. Fandango


They’ve tried and tried, but to no avail. The music is awesome. Dancing can work. Guys like Disco Inferno, Too Cool, Alex Wright and Rikishi all found a niche and busted a move. Fandango can keep the dancing. He doesn’t need a woman to validate him. The Leg Drop from the top is a decent finisher, but he needs a better set up. I would suggest he find a good submission and run with it. That’s become such a lost art these days. A submission that finishes. He also needs a two step or a jig. Maybe a shuffle. Some dance move to throw some jabs at his opponent. Something like Road Dogg. He’s already almost there. He could easily contend for the US title with these changes.

7. Mark Henry


Well let’s be honest. Mark Henry is on his last legs. This is probably his last year or two with the company. He should go out with a bang. What better way to go out than leaving a legacy behind? Before he leaves, he should bring Apollo Crews up from NXT. Turn him heel and be his manager. He can hit The World’s Strongest Slam to set up that sic standing moonsault Crews finishes with. I wouldn’t mind seeing them with the tag titles. It’s better than his current role, jobbing around making sporadic television appearances. The World’s Strongest Team? Makes sense. Keep Mark’s music and Crews’ smile.

6. Curtis Axel


The son of Mr. Perfect. He was finding himself as a Paul Heyman guy. AxelMania was a terrible idea. Axel should get back to being the technical wrestler his father was. There’s so much room for it and it sells so well. Kurt Angle, Jason Jordan, Chris Benoit and a young Brock Lesnar. If Axel incorporates some “real” wrestling into his arsenal, he could be a breakout star. Get dark on the mic. Talk about how much the title means to him and have a moment like Ziggler in the Survivor Series last year. It could work. Also, modify the PerfectPlex.

5. Jack Swagger


We, the people, miss seeing Jack Swagger on SmackDown. He’s probably better suited to take the Kurt Angle role than Curtis Axel. He has legitimate size, a finisher that sells, and he’s still spry. He needs his own Lana. Zeb Colter had too much of an agenda. His mic skills are wretched so I get giving him a mouth piece. How about Paul Heyman? Jack needs a few power moves. A clothesline like Bray or a Spinebuster like Ryback. So babyfaced, but it can work. He needs a good feud with a convincing rival.

4. Ryback


The WWE Universe is loving them some Ryback these days, but for how long? His matches are all the same: Dominate until you run into something inanimate. Whether it be the stairs, or the ring post, or the barricade, everyone needs help beating this guy. The fans will get sick of this sooner or later. How come guys like Brock and Braun get to be almighty for some reason, but not Ryback? At this point, he’s as high on the card as he can be. If he wants to go for the gusto, he’s gotta get back into machine mode. If Kane can be a demon again, Ryback can be the Terminator.

3. Damien Sandow


Didn’t we all love Damien Mizdow? He shadowed The Miz brilliantly and then fell off the face of the planet. Macho Mizdow? No. This is a former Money in the Bank winner. He should bank on that some. Speaking of banks, what about teaming him up with Sasha Banks? It’s a bit of a stretch but it would help Sandow so much. Give his character an edge, and maybe he can have his own version of the Banks Statement? The two of them on a motorcycle with shades? Awwweeesoommmme!!

2. Erick Rowan


He’s been hurt for a while now. Is he ever coming back? Braun Strowman has unofficially taken his spot in the Wyatt Family so a return seems unlikely. The last time we saw him he was buddy buddy with Luke Harper. His move-set is fit for a tag team, and that’s where he’s excelled. If he wants to make it on his own, he may need to work against the people that know him best. His stairs match with Big Show was terrible, but a steel cage with Luke? That could work. Come back with a chip on his shoulder and keep his legs on the ground. No more spinning kicks, just power. Be big, be bold, be powerful. Lose the sheep mask and overalls too. Take notes from Baron Corbin.

1. John Cena


The WWE United States champ is here!! Hustle, loyalty, and respect! Remember the Doctor of Thuganomics? He had an epic US title run as a bad boy early in his career. We need some of that youthful enthusiasm. I like that he’s been adding moves and fighting new guys. Good start, but it’s time to expand. The music has got to go. It’s time. Change the shorts as well. We need two new catch phrases and a new finisher. Something more believable than a standing fireman’s carry. Rollins has the Pedigree, maybe Cena can start using the Razor’s Edge? That would be dope! I get that he wants to stay as clean as possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring in the process. Change is growth and it never hurts to try. And lose the STF. Yuck.


From Big Show to Neville, there are so many others I could have added. Who would YOU like to see on this list? I didn't touch on the Divas but I very well could've. Drop your opinions in the comments down below? Thanks!

Do you agree with John Cena as #1?

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    • profile image

      Sarah Ferkler 

      5 years ago

      I really wish jack swagger could get back some of his ... swagger, I'm usually an anti-hero fan, but I think hes entertaining. Curtis on the other hand I'm not sure what they can do to make him better or intresting or relevent.


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