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Best Golf Books of All Time

Updated on July 4, 2013

No one wants to suck at golf, but not all of us can afford to be trained by a professional. So how do you take matters into your own hands? You get yourself one of these best golf books and start flipping through the pages!

Sure, it might not be how your favorite golfer learned how to play, but everyone's different. And getting your hands on best golf books helps you tap into some of the greatest minds in the sport of golf. Let's get right into the top five!

1 - How I Play Golf

This has to be one of the most unique books written by one of the most outstanding figures in the golf world, Tiger Woods, who was named twice as “Sportsman of the year". The phenomenon known as Tiger, wrote " How I Play Golf " in which he speaks about many aspects of his game, providing the readers with the best golf tips for beginners regarding all levels of play. One of the great strength of this book is that it presents clear illustrations and images coordinated with text. Within 320 pages you can enjoy photographs, from different angles, in which you see the "wrong" and the "right" way to play (side-by-side), which makes the message much clearer. He includes many basic lessons and ideas for every phase of the full swing, and a few variants. He illustrates how his physical skills allow him to do things many ordinary people can not do. The advice presented in the book is easier to remember since it is written in plain English, and that's why it's one of the best golf books out there today.

2 - Lost Balls: Great Holes, Tough Shots, and Bad Lies

Golf is a lot closer to nature than any other sport; it is the main battlefield of play. Sand hills, lakes and trees shape the golf field. This genius book includes a unique and colorful collection of photographs, featuring the under-celebrated wayward shot, its landing locale and the unexpected encounters with wildlife on and off the green. Its author, Charlie Charles Lindsay, has made a career of photographing the intersection of nature and culture. Whether living with a rain-forest tribe, exploring the world of fly-fishing, or turning the game of golf on its head, Lindsay has focused on our complex relationship with the natural world. He is the author of Lost Balls: Great Holes, Tough Shots, and Bad Lies; Upstream: Fly-Fishing in the American West; Turtle Islands: Balinese Ritual and the Green Turtle; and Mentawai Shaman: Keeper of the Rain Forest. Between journeys he resides in New York City; Sun Valley, Idaho; and in the northern Catskills. 128 pages talk about his photographic journey through some of the most interesting places in the world. This book is perfect for the person who truly loves and understands the game of golf. His combination of humor and photographic genius make this a wonderfully entertaining book for anyone who has ever played the game.

3 - The Best Instruction Book Ever! Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers Show You the Fastest Ways to Shoot Lower Scores! (Book + DVD)

If you have this book, there's no need to hire a teacher so that you become a skilled golfer. It contains a bunch of high-quality photography, graphics, charts and graphs that are visually effective for all levels of golfers. This book makes it easier for one to start playing just as the professionals do. The pictures make the entire learning process easy to follow. The countless points, fixes and corrections from the instructors coupled with the structured approach make reading, even for the beginner, exciting and informative. This book was designed by the most experienced teachers in the nation and it is full of instructions, so that no part of the game is left uncovered. Improve your driving, iron play, short game, putting and trouble shots using the award-winning instruction you can only find in GOLF Magazine. In 192 pages, it makes golf simpler and easier for beginners to practice and enter the world of golf, and this book stands out among the other best golf books because it comes with a DVD too!

4 - The Match: The Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever.

Would you like to have a look back into the golden era of golf? Would you like to leave your traces on golf history? Would you like to read an amazing and priceless, true golf tale about past golf champs? Well, you have at your hands right now one of the best-selling golf books for its time "The Match: The Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever”. It takes you deep into the history of the game where pros and amateurs were playing side by side, betting each other. It takes place back in 1956, when Venturi and Ward were the last of the gentleman amateurs playing at the highest levels of the game. It is one of the most touching books you'll read, as you relive these historic moments. This book, with its 288 pages, tells about the story of a an amazing golf match between Nelson/Hogan and Venturi/Ward, and it was played at possibly the most beautiful course in the world: the renowned Cypress Point.

5 - Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die: Golf Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations

Green grass and a wide open space... that is what a golfer needs. Throughout the world golf courses have staked their claim within tourist areas. But in this book, Chris Santella interviews 50 people intimately connected to the sport about some of their favorite courses around the world. It is a high-quality book, recommended by such experts as Nick Faldo and Christie Kerr (pro golfers), Pete Dye and Tom Doak (course architects), Brian McCallen (editor and author), and even Donald Trump. With breathtaking color photographs of each site, this is a great gift for avid golfers, whether they're a professional or not. It is Interesting since it includes pictures that are very pleasing to the eye. It is always great to see some nice courses. With its 224 pages, it is a must for any golfer and it must always have a permanent place in golfers' libraries.

Now that you know the top five best-selling golf books out there today, which one will you read? You can tap into the mind of Tiger Woods, see great photography, learn from the pros at Golf Magazine, learn about golf history or the most beautiful places to play golf. The choice is yours!

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