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Top 5 Greatest MMA Fighters 2013

Updated on July 8, 2014

Quick Take

In my opinion because I was such a careful studier of technique and every detail of all elements that have to do with fighting, and life in general. These 5 fighters make the all-time list of being the top MMA fighters of all time.


1.) Anderson "The Spider" Silva

Anderson Silva started his MMA career in 1997, fighting for numerous organizations, where he racked his record up to 17-4 (1 disqualification) before entering the UFC. He had high level wins over Carlos Newton, Jeremy Horn, and Lee Murray who he fought to win the Cage Rage Middle Weight Championship.

Anderson Silva was a highly anticipated fighter going into the UFC, where he made his Middle Weight debut against Chris Leben, who was the top contender at the time with a record of 15-1. Anderson Silva technically took him apart within 49 seconds, earning him a title shot against Middle-Weight Champion Rich Franklin.

Anderson Silva went on to earn the Middle-Weight Championship Belt in 2006, and had broke and set records with a 17 fight-win streak, naming him the #1 Pound 4 pound fighter in the world for multiple years.

Recently on July 6, 2013, Anderson was finally dethroned by middleweight contender, Chris Weidman, who had knocked Anderson out, by Anderson playing around and leaving his arms down which led to Chris Weidman knocking Anderson on the chin and claiming his place.

With all Andersons' achievements and high-level skill, he is undoubtedly the number 1 pound 4 pound fighter in the world and will always be remembered as the man who took Martial Arts to another level. Anderson Silva is now set to have a rematch with Chris Weidman on December 28th, 2013. Tune in :)

Update: Silva lost his bout against Chris Weidman, gruesomely breaking his shin-bone as Weidman checked his kick, resulting in a TKO. Despite this, Silva will always be remembered as the best of all time.

MMA Record:

Wins: 33 Losses: 6

Total: 38 Fights


2.) Jon "Bones" Jones

Jon Jones is a young man whose MMA career spiraled early on with his talent and long-reach, winning him impressive wins over high-level fighters. Jon Jones was only 23 years of age when he won the UFC Light-Heavyweight Championship Belt, with only a short career of competing in MMA, and fought against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, where he had replaced the injured "Suga" Rashad Evans' making him the youngest fighter to win a UFC Championship Belt.

Currently, Jon Jones has been unphased by any opponent and is currently undefeated with a record of 18-1, (Loss due to disqualification) and with his accomplishments' and dominance, this lands him being the number 2 pound for pound fighter in the world.

MMA Record:

Wins: 20 Losses: 1 (Disqualification)

Total: 21 Fights


3.) Georges "Rush" St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre started his MMA Career in 2002, racking up his record to 5-0 before going to the UFC. Georges made his UFC debut in 2004, earning himself 2 victories, making him the top contender for the welterweight title. After the fight, Georges admittedly said he was not ready yet and was fighting his idol, "lost in the moment", coming short on his fight against Matt Hughes on October 22, 2004 (losing the championship match).

On a long road back to the title, Georges St-Pierre had beat a long-list of big names earning him another shot against Matt hughes in 2006, winning the second time around, making him the UFC Welterweight Champion. Georges soon after, had his first title defense against Ultimate Fighter Winner Matt Serra, resulting in a shock where GSP was TKO'D In the first round.

Georges yet again climbed up the ladder, earning him his rematch against Matt Serra, where, he redeemed himself by being a new revolutionized version of himself, taking Matt out in 2nd round by TKO. Georges St-Pierre has since than been undefeated, having a 11 fight win-streak and is currently ranked the #1 Welterweight in the world.

MMA Record:

Wins: 25 Losses: 2

Total: 27 Fights


4.) Cain Valasquez

Cain Valasquez has had a short career, but looking at the realness of his hard-work and dominance, he is without a doubt the 4th pound 4 pound fighter in the world.

Cain made his MMA debut after racking up a successful wrestling record of 110-10. Coming into MMA, he utilized his wrestling skills, dominating every man he has crossed paths with, such as, Cheick Kongo, Ben Rothwell, and then moving on to dominating supreme champion Brock Lesnar.

He then had his first title-defense against High-Dominating Top Contender Junior Dos Santos, losing the bout by knock-out in the 1st round. Coming back from his loss, he made quick work of StrikeForce contender Antonio Silva, earning him another shot at the belt against Junior Dos Santos. Having their rematch in December 2012, Cain Valasquez made it clear who the better man was, DOMINATING Junior all 5 rounds to claim his Belt back.

Cain Valasquez was the first Mexican champion in the UFC and has been noted for his hard-working ability and inexhaustion in gym.

MMA Record:

Wins: 13 Losses: 1

Total: 14 Fights


5.) BJ "The Prodigy" Penn

Many may disagree with this, but BJ is a true legend of the sport and was the true undefeated fighter of MMA until his loss against Georges St-Pierre (The second time around).

Explaining this is a gift to me, because it is the complete truth of how things are. Looking at BJ's career, you see many losses, but looking at the truth and watching his fights, you will see that all his losses he has are decisions and draws. Looking at BJ's first fight with Jen's Pulver, BJ had actually tapped Pulver in an armbar but because of "UFC" Rules, it was either on or after the bell and did not count. Watching this fight regardless of the armbar, in my eyes, BJ won the fight, but because of the "judges" who are just people like you, saw the match wrong, and wrongfully gave the decision to Pulver.

BJ's draw with Caol Uno in Feb, 2003 was a fight BJ had DOMINATED, but for some reason was put to a draw. Owner of the UFC even told Bj he was robbed and would give BJ the belt, but never did.

BJ had fought Lyoto Machida in K1 at heavyweight and lost by unanimous decision. Reading BJ's book, though, he explained the fight and when I looked at it through his thoughts, I could see how BJ won the fight, but also see how Machida won. BJ explains how he landed very hard shots. If you look at the fight you can see BJ does land some hard bombs, while Lyoto lands multiple shots, but if you look at the strength of them, they are very light-taps. So what do you base the fight on not going through propaganda points, effectiveness/damage or multiple hits/technique.

BJ made his comeback to the UFC and had fought top-contender Georges St-Pierre. People still weren't that educated in UFC back than, and the judges gave Georges a split-decision win, when clearly Bj had done more damage and in my eyes, dominated more of the fight.

Georges was injured going into his fight with Matt hughes after his split-decision win with BJ and BJ had stepped in on short-notice to fight Matt Hughes. BJ had dominated the first two rounds, but became exhausted in the 3rd, resulting in a TKO loss due to being in a crucifix. BJ had not tapped or gave up, but because he couldn't defend himself, this resulted in a stoppage. My opinion is, what was his motivation after having a false loss after GSP...?

BJ went back to Lightweight dominating the division and became the 2nd 2-time champion in the UFC and had remained there after fighting Georges for the second time where he had clearly lost due to TKO in the 4th round. BJ had then made 2 dominating wins at lightweight against top contenders Kenny Florian and Diego Sanchez. BJ then faced Frankie Edgar which was then again, a robbed decision.

After all the bad decisions in BJ's career, you can see how this had an effect on his mind-set. I mean, if every fight I had that went to a decision was robbed, that would eventually play a part on me. Regardless of this, because I see the truth in fighting, BJ Penn is without a doubt one of the greatest Martial Artists to ever live and is the number 5 Pound 4 Pound fighter in the world :).

MMA Record:

Wins: 16 Draws: 2 Losses: 10

Total: 28 Fights

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© 2013 PoeticPhilosophy


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    • PoeticPhilosophy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      Thanks guy's, for your takes. Like I said many people will disagree with it so you's are entitled to your own opinion and I respect it but realistically looking at it BJ is 20-1-5, he beat Edgar the first time which if you understand, every decision you ever had.. That would lead to some unmotivation and hit ur mental aspect. But thanks for sharing ur opinion and liking that ad! Also thanks for reading Mhatter even though you don't know much of it, enjoy :)

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      5 years ago from San Francisco

      Have to take your word on this, as I cannot watch TV. Good article.

    • Sean Evans profile image

      Sean Evans 

      5 years ago from GTA

      Like this list myself. I agree BJ Pen has always been far over rated, and his stats are wrong. I know I've seen him lose 3 times for sure so I looked it up for you. He is 16 Wins 9 Losses .

      I would put Ronda Rousey over BJ.

    • jericho911 profile image

      Kenneth Claude 

      5 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Nice hub but BJ has been way overrated his entire career. He simply cannot beat any of the elite fighters of today's MMA. He was successful when the fighters were not so well-rounded.

      I do like your list. Cain is the future of the division. He's the man who will take Jon Jones apart if he goes to heavyweight.

      I did notice that your top 3 are all major weight cutters that are experts at fighting at well below their actual natural weights.


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