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Top 5 Rated Flourocarbon Fishing Lines

Updated on April 5, 2013
Seaguar AbrazX Flourocarbon Fishing Line
Seaguar AbrazX Flourocarbon Fishing Line

The fishing industry has recently been inundated with a variety of flourocarbon fishing lines, all claiming to be the "number one choice" among anglers. All of them boast superior invisibility, tensile strength, diameter size, and abrasion resistance - so how is an angler to decide? Well, I offer you my two cents, having tried them all, and having the feedback from many local anglers.

  1. The number-one pick amongst anglers continues to be Seaguar InvisX and AbrazX fishing lines. Although this lines continues to be a little pricey compared to the competition, its features continue to impress and keep anglers coming back for more. As indicated by its name, the lines provides amazing abrasion resistance, despite its ultra-slim diameter (smaller than most). This line is 100% pure flourocarbon and is therefore nearly invisible in even the clearest of waters, a must for those subtle finesse presentations. This line is also manufactured with Level Wind Technology, which is the companies exclusive design process that spools the line by laying it down on its side, never crossing for super smoothness without any line overstress or twist. Ideal for freshwater spinning and baitcasting.
  2. P-lines P-Line's Floroclear Line comes in second place - with a much more attractive pricepoint. This line has a unique fluorocarbon coating (not 100% flourocarbon) that ensures the line is virtual invisible underwater for stealth presentations. Along with a special copolymer construction, Floroclear has little memory, is very castable, amazingly durable and unbeatable knot strength. You can expect to pay $12 to $15 for a 600 yard spool... that's incredible! Price alone catapults this product into second place...
  3. Viscious Flourocarbon fishing line comes in third with its newest product line. A relative newcomer to the industry, this line is designed with high tensile strength and low diameter it is virtually invisible underwater and detects even the lightest of bites. Best of all, Vicious Fluorocarbon is built to withstand the toughest hook sets.
  4. In fourth place is Berkley Trilene's 100% flourocarbon fishing line. Berkley continues to make quality fishing lines that continue to earn the respect of anglers around the world. This line is no different with its incredible impact strength and low memory. Although this line is not as abrasion resistant as the Seaguar, P-line, and Viscious offerings, its still an excellent choice for most presentations.
  5. Last but not least, Berkley has improved their Vanish lines. Berkley has made them softer and more flexible for less tangles and easier casting even on spinning gear. Since fluorocarbon does not soak up water, knot and tensile strength are not compromised.This line is also affordable compared to most of the other "players" in the field.


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      Carray M. 22 months ago

      I confused which would be best for me, because there are several website online and they highlits different product as best. eg. they make first choice for

      Seaguar Blue Label 50-Yards Fluorocarbon Leader,