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Top 5 Topwater Baits & Lures For Bass

Updated on March 26, 2013

Booyah Pad Crasher

Booyah Pad Crasher
Booyah Pad Crasher

Number 1: Booyah Pad Crasher

The Booyah Pad Crasher hollow-body frog is the ultimate topwater bait. It's made of collapsible soft plastic (almost vinyl) like material, that makes it extremely durable when throwing into timber, slop, and heavy weeds.

This top water frog bait is unique in that is has a "flow-thru" design, allowing water to pass thru the bait - this is important because some of the alternate products by LiveTarget and StrikeKing have a tendency to "fill up" with water, and become a sinking sub-surface lure.

The lure has a strong double hook design, and internal weight system that allow you to cast it a mile... which is generally important to topwater anglers, as to remain out of sight.

The design also allows for a killer "walk-the-dog" presentation with every twitch, making it extremely easy to fish this lure.

Number 2: Heddon Zara Spook

This classic lure by Heddon might be the original "walk-the-lure," driving bass crazy since 1939. Use a rhythmic, slacked-lined, simple cadence, and you're sure to hook up with whatever's nearby, as it's a near perfect imitation of an injured or dying baitfish.

It's torpedo like body and rather hefty weight, allow it to be cast a "country mile," making it an extremely fun lure to fish.

The lure also comes in a variety of sizes/styles, including: Super Spook, Wounded Spook, Spook Puppy, Spook Jr., and more.

Rapala Skitter Pop
Rapala Skitter Pop

Number 3: Rapala Skitter Pop

The Skitter Pop was actually the first topwater bait released by the Rapala lure company, and has become one of my personal favorites. It's cupped lip, allows the lure to be twitched and actually "spit" water, creating quite a stir on the surface of the water.

I've found that this particular works when nothing else does, as it simply creates too much commotion for surface feeding bass to pass up. The loud noise the lure makes when it spits water is a tantalizing sound that seems to draw fish in.

Smithwick Devil Horse
Smithwick Devil Horse

Number 4: Smithwick Devil Hourse

This is a classic slow-retrieve topwater bait equipped with a small "prop" on the nose the bait, creating a subtle disturbance on the waters surface. It's sleek and slender design, is an awesome profile, perfect for a topwater presentation. The bait is generally 4 1/2 to 5" inches in length, but it's slender profile makes it seem like a smaller bait.

I generally like to use this bait under "calmer" water conditions, when it's not ideal to create a large amount of disturbance on the surface. Many anglers actually detract from the design of the lure, by trying to "twitch" or "jerk" the bait, rendering the "prop" useless. A simple slow retrieve is all you need!

Buzz Bait
Buzz Bait

Number 5: Buzz Bait

Nothing beats the fun and excitement of a fast retrieve surface lure, like the "buzz bait." Quickly retrieving the bait across the waters surface creates a "ton" or commotion, and calls in "big fish" from wherever they are bunkered down.

I use this bait in windy/wavy conditions, as a subtle presentation from another bait would simply be lost. This bait is certainly designed to create a whole lot of racket - and it does exactly that

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