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Top 5 UFC Heavyweights of All Time

Updated on August 3, 2016

1. Cain Velasquez

Cain is definitely in the top five when it comes to heavyweights who have competed in the UFC. No one really can compare to this man's raw strength and ability to take the fight to the ground, or to wherever he pleases. Cain is one of few heavyweights to have competed against and beaten Brock Lesnar who is considered to be hall of fame material even though he hasn't fought nearly as much as some other greats.

Velasquez isn't afraid to get dirty neither inside the octagon. Known for his gritty style and wrestling along the cage, any opponent of Cain's is going to need to be well versed on the ground. If you're fighting Cain Velasquez your camp will be failing you if they focus 90 percent of the training around the ground game and scenarios that you might find yourself in throughout the fight. This is a mistake that people like Junior Dos Santos and Brock Lesnar each made.

Velasquez Highlight Reel


2. Tim Sylvia

By far one of the best fighters when you're looking for someone who dominated the fight from the beginning to the end. This guy was an absolute monster in the octagon and would bully his opponent all around the mat, no matter where the fight took place; on the ground, standing up, in the clinch or up against the cage.

His strength and the ability to throw his match up around the octagon with what seemed to be almost no effort was amazing to watch. He was considered to be a giant teddy bear though because of his soft-spokenness outside of fighting and with his family. So not only do you have to deal with the fact that this man is likely going to out power you wherever you are in the fight, he's also not going to say much leading into it, which for some people is a complete psych out before they throw fists.


3. Antonio Nogueira

This guy is a legend within the heavyweight community for sure. The amount of wins that Nogueira keeps pumping out continues to impress the likes of Dana White & Co. which continues to get him big paydays in his home country of Brasil. Every time the UFC is in Brasil you can bet that they'll have one of the Nogueira brothers on the card fighting, if not both of them.

He is considered to be one of the best all time heavyweights on the ground in BJJ style. He's won multiple world championships in various events held around the world. He's a natural Basilian black belt in ju-jitsu so coming into the MMA game he already had an advantage over most people his age. Starting his career during the hype phase of events like Pride and K2...he made a name for himself in other areas of the world that were entertaining BJJ fighters.


4. Randy Couture

Probably one of the best if not the best fighter to step inside of the octagon and fight under the UFC banner. Couture is one of the only fighters in the history of the sport to maintain two different belts at two different weight classes simultaneously. That alone should be enough to solidify his legacy among the greats in the heavyweight class, but if you look past those two amazing achievements, there's still so much more success.

The guy basically pioneered MMA and created a launchpad alongside the likes of the Iceman Chuck Liddell to name one. Randy Couture created training facilities across the nation which are foundations for amateur fighters, professionals and average Joes looking for try out MMA. Randy is truly a blessing for the MMA and UFC community to have, he has helped create a sport which has skyrocketed from a $2,000,000 company into a $4,200,000,000 company within 10 years. Let's not kid ourselves into thinking that Randy Couture didn't help deliver that astounding number to Dana White and the Fertitta brothers. Couture and Liddell were the pawns that put their blood, sweat and tears into the concrete foundations beneath the surface of the UFC.

Couture Highlight Reel


5. Mark Coleman

What a gifted man this guy was during his prime. He is coined as being one of the grandfathers and founding pioneers of the MMA sport. Mark Coleman was truly one of kind and a great of his era. No other fighter could attest to the same intensity and drive that Coleman brought to his fights. He would literally pick you up out of no where and slam you on your head, spin you around and be on your back within seconds, delivering crushing head blows from the ground and pound position.

Mark Coleman and people like Randy Couture helped pioneer MMA into a true mixed martial arts sport. They incorporated things like wrestling, greco roman wrestling, judo, and of course your traditional boxing and muay thai striking into one fighting style. Coleman had the ability to transition from boxing into wrestling within the blink of an eye, that is a talent which is hard to come by and some people compare it to Tyson Woodley's style of today. The way that a fighter can feint then deliver a KO punch off the front foot is something special and Mark Coleman was the father of it.


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