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Top Pike Fishing Lures

Updated on February 27, 2014

Pike Fishing Lures

In many cases you dont need anything special when it comes to pike fishing lures but let me tell you it certainly wont hurt if you want to educate yourself on the finer points of catching the mighty Jack fish.

Think about it this way. If you can catch a lot of pike without knowing the proper things to use then imagine how you will do when you actually have a clue of the proper pike fishing lures to use.

You will always hear me talking about focusing on the fun of fishing and let everything else fall into place. While I still completely believe that I also dont think its a bad thing to do your homework so you do know the best tackle to use. This gives you a better chance of making an already great day even better.

Bellow I will try and give some of my suggestions on what I think to be the best pike fishing lures.

Pike Fishing Lures-Spoons

Probably the most popular pike fishing lures in the world are spoons.  We have the ability to use spoons spring, summer, fall and winter.  The only limit you have is the limit on the amount of spoons built.  Spoons have not only become great pike fishing lures in North America but have also become very popular any where in the world you can find pike.

If I wanted to do a hub on all the types of spoons available I would be writing a book as compared to a hub.  You would have a great, vast amount of information and you still wouldnt have learned very much. 

Pike Fishing Lures-Crankbaits

On of the best pike fishing lures you will ever use will be a crank bait.  The reason pike love them so much is because of the real life actions that can be made with a crank bait.  The hooks are also diverse in which you can use them while fishing off a dock or trolling in deep water on the boat.

Through the years some neat things have been added to crank baits.  You can get crank baits with rattles or even you can get some with lights.  The whole idea is to annoy the pike to the point they will strike.

Pike Fishing Lures-Spinner Baits

Pike absolutely love the spinner bait.  The thing with spinner bait is it creates vibrations against the water which in turn attract the pike.  Spinners are actually quite simple, really just a shiny piece of metal that spins water.  In most cases they also have some sort of a tale like a buck tail.  The tales are usually made out of deer hair.   However in many occasions the buck tail can also be made from synthetic material.

Pike Fishing Lures-Plastic Jigs

people will use jigs for many different reasons but for the most case but jig is a drop bait.  They are usually meant to be used in shallow water, usually 0 to 6 feet.  Most cases the jig will get hit on its way to the bottom.  If it doesn't than just let it lie there and something may pick it up off the bottom.  If you get nothing after a minute or so to pick the jig up a little bit and jiggle around. Keep doing this and eventually you will get the pike annoyed enough to chase your jigs. 

Pike Fishing Lures-Go Fishing

After everything is said and done it's time to go fishing. You now have a clue as to what types of hooks will give you a better chance when it comes to catching the almighty pike.

Just remember that you are fishing. I out of anyone would say make sure you have fun. The thing is we all know that it is more fun if we are catching fish.

Just remember there are other tools out there that can also help you. Take a look at Pike Fishing Lures and see what you think.

Also take a look at my blog and follow along on my journey to promote the World Of Fishing


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    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 6 years ago from Canada

      Hi Hello, I did a bit of research and there are some lakes in London that hold Pike. Of course I dont know exactly where you are in London but oh how you would love fishing.

      Thanks for stopping by


    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      It is a world of its own but very interesting to learn about it.