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Top Pro Football Web Sites

Updated on November 3, 2009

Top Pro Football Web Sites

We present the top Pro Football Web Sites for your approval. Pro Football represents the pinnacle of entertainment because it's complicated while simple, predictable while unexpected, elegant while brutish, and honest while duplicitous. Plus, you can bet on it.

ProFootBallTalk Dot Com

ProFootBallTalk Dot Com redirects to ProFootBallTalk Dot NBCSports Dot Com. The site provides an amalgam of bland but informative press releases from around the NFL along with an unexpected dollop of the dark side of pro football. It all works and it's easy to navigate. The home page includes links to RSS feeds from each team, organized by conference and division. The Main Menu offers a selection titled "Turd Watch", which is surprising given that NBC broadcasts NFL games. "Turd Watch" expands to "Police Blotter" and "Suspension Watch" sub menus. "Police Blotter" links include recent player arrests for drunkenness and other off-field buffoonery. "Suspension Watch" was still under construction at the time of this writing.

ProFootballWeekly Dot Com

ProFootballWeekly Dot Com provides real-time game updates on game days. A row of game scores spans the middle of the page. Click on a score and get a full-page of up-to-date information for that game. Be careful not to roll your mouse over the banner ad below the game scores; the banner ad will expand to cover most of the window. You'll have to scroll down to find the Close button at the lower left of the ad. Maddening.

The Main Menu has a nifty feature labeled "Players" that allows fans to drill down by name, team, or position to call up all the players in that category. Here's an opportunity to satisfy your sudden urge to identify Nose Tackles on NFL rosters. Fantasy Leaguers rejoice.

NFL Dot Com

NFL Dot Com uses the power of sanction to provide cool stuff that some other sites cannot; team logos, feature articles from syndicated sports writers, and huge banner ads from Official NFL Sponsors. No controversy need apply. It's all about on-field activity, unless a player is building a house for United Way or donating food to disaster victims.

NFL Dot Com is one of those curious sites that links to itself. Proudly displayed on the home page is an NFL logo; clink on it and be magically transported to NFL Dot Com.

Pro Football Hof Dot Com

Years ago an Internet genius registered Pro Football Hall Of Fame Dot Com before the good folks in Canton thought of it. We are left with remembering Pro Football Hof Dot Com. The site is wonderful. Every HOFer (Hall Of Fame-er) is included. Where else can you order a head shot of Albert Glenn (Turk) Edwards, Class of 1969? Fans can drill down by name, team, and even jersey number. Enshrinee blogs and game picks (not against the spread) are featured each week during the season. The "History of Football" link provides a fascinating glimpse into pro football from the early days of leather helmets to present day induction ceremonies.

pro-football-reference Dot Com

Immerse yourself in oceans of information at Pro-football-reference Dot Com. It's all here, sliced and diced in any dimension you might imagine. The longest touchdown pass since 1970? The passing statistics for Tony Adams (drafted 343rd overall in 1973 by the San Diego Chargers)? The 1997 NFL leader in passing yards (Jeff George)? It's all in there.

Not nearly as cluttered as most pro football web sites, this gem is well worth a visit if you have any interest in statistics. It's easy and enjoyable to get lost in this site. Watch the clock; you may find yourself out of bounds and penalized for illegal weekend activities when you should be raking leaves or mowing the lawn.


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    • stegmasterj profile image

      stegmasterj 7 years ago

      what is footaball?

    • profile image

      jeansup 7 years ago

      Great information I love football, all of life is a ten yard fight.

    • drcrischasse profile image

      drcrischasse 8 years ago from NH/Foxboro

      As a patriots season ticket holder since I was a small child I love footaball