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Top Returning Talent of SEC

Updated on July 5, 2011
WR Alshon Jeffery (South Carolina)
WR Alshon Jeffery (South Carolina)
RB Trent Richardson (Alabama)
RB Trent Richardson (Alabama)
QB Aaron Murray (Georgia)
QB Aaron Murray (Georgia)
RB Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina)
RB Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina)
RB Onterio McCaleb (Auburn)
RB Onterio McCaleb (Auburn)
CB Dre Kirkpatrick (Alabama)
CB Dre Kirkpatrick (Alabama)
WR Greg Childs (Arkansas)
WR Greg Childs (Arkansas)
WR Jarius Wright (Arkansas)
WR Jarius Wright (Arkansas)
WR Chad Bumphis (Miss State)
WR Chad Bumphis (Miss State)
QB Chris Relf (Miss State)
QB Chris Relf (Miss State)
WR Marquis Maze (Alabama)
WR Marquis Maze (Alabama)
DE Jake Bequette (Arkansas)
DE Jake Bequette (Arkansas)
SS Mark Barron (Alabama)
SS Mark Barron (Alabama)
LB Jerry Franklin (Arkansas)
LB Jerry Franklin (Arkansas)
WR Emory Blake (Auburn)
WR Emory Blake (Auburn)
RB Brandon Bolden (Ole Miss)
RB Brandon Bolden (Ole Miss)
DT Jaye Howard (Florida)
DT Jaye Howard (Florida)

Returning Talent of SEC

Every year the SEC has talent that leave and go to the NFL only to be replenished with talent that is still there. Gone is Auburn's quarterback Cameron Newton who came on the scene last year and led Auburn to a national title along with taking home the Heisman trophy in 2010. Alabama running back and 2009 Heisman trophy winner Mark Ingram is gone as well as receiver Julio Jones and defensive lineman Marcel Dareus. Also gone is LSU’s cornerback Patrick Peterson who was the top cornerback in the SEC the last two season. Georgia loses receiver AJ Green who led the Bulldogs passing game the last three seasons. All these players had great career at there respective teams and now are in the NFL. But there is still talent in the SEC this season as they will be looking for there sixth national title in a row. Some of these players have gotten playing time already and have been very productive but now they will step into a solo starting role to show there talents. So here are my top 20 returning offensive skilled players along with my top 25 returning defensive players of the SEC along with there stats as well.


1. WR Alshon Jeffery JR (South Carolina) – (’10 88rec 1517yds 9td) (’09 46rec 763yds 6td)

2. RB Trent Richardson JR (Alabama) – (’10 112att 700yds 6td/23rec 266yds 4td) (’09 145att 751yds 8td/16rec 126yds)

3. WR Greg Childs SR (Arkansas) – (’10 46rec 659yds 6td) (’09 48rec 894yds 7td) (’08 18rec 273yds 2td)

4. WR Joe Adams SR (Arkansas) – (’10 50rec 813yds 6td) (’09 29rec 568yds 7td) (’08 31rec 377yds 1td)

5. RB Marcus Lattimore SO (South Carolina) – (’10 249att 1197yds 17td/29rec 412yds 2td)

6. WR Jarius Wright SR (Arkansas) – (’10 42rec 788yds 5td) (’09 41rec 681yds 5td) (’08 19rec 348yds 2td)

7. RB Knile Davis JR (Arkansas) – (’10 204att 1322yds 13td/19rec 136yds 1td) (’09 33att 163yds 4td)

8. QB Aaron Murray SO (Georgia) – (’10 209-342 3049yds 24td 8int/87att 167yds 4td)

9. QB Stehpen Garcia SR (South Carolina) – (’10 224-349 3059yds 20td 14int/105att 222yds 6td) (’09 239-432 2862yds 17td 10int/120att 186yds 4td) (’08 65-122 832yds 6td 8int/70att 198yds 2td)

10. WR Chad Bumphis JR (Miss State) – (’10 44rec 634yds 5td/19att 131yds) (’09 32rec 375yds 4td/6att 73yds 1td)

11. QB Tyler Bray SO (Tennessee) – (’10 125-224 1849yds 18td 10int)

12. RB Michael Dyer SO (Auburn) – (’10 182att 1093yds 5td)

13. RB Vick Ballard SR (Miss State) – (’10 186att 968yds 19td/10rec 106yds 1td)

14. RB Onterio McCaleb JR (Auburn) – (’10 95att 810yds 9td/7rec 86yds 1td)

15. WR Marquis Maze SR (Alabama) – (’10 38rec 557yds 3td) (’09 31rec 523yds 2td) (’08 11rec 137yds 2td)

16. RB Brandon Bolden SR (Ole Miss) – (’10 163att 976yds 14td/32rec 344yds 3td) (’09 129att 614yds 4td/20rec 209yds) (’08 98att 542yds 5td/10rec 107yds 1td)

17. QB Chris Relf SR (Miss State) – (’10 129-220 1789yds 13td 6int/194att 713yds 5td) (’09 22-41 283yds 5td 3int/76att 500 yds 2td) (’08 2-9 13yds)

18. RB Jeff Demps SR (Florida) – (’10 92att 551yds 3td/18rec 116yds) (’09 99att 745yds 7td/8rec 52yds) (’08 78att 605yds 7td/15rec 141yds 1td)

19. WR Emory Blake JR (Auburn) – (’10 33rec 554yds 8td)

20. RB Tauren Poole SR (Tennessee) – (’10 204att 1034yds 11td/22rec 171yds 1td) (’09 10att 86yds) (’08 22att 86yds)


1. SS Mark Barron SR (Alabama) – (’10 75tkl 2sks 1tfl 6pbu 3int) (’09 76tkl .5sk 3tfl 11pbu 7int) (’08 18tkl 1.5sks)

2. LB Courtney Upshaw SR (Alabama) – (’10 52tkl 7sks 7.5tfl 2pbu) (’09 15tkl 1sk) (’08 22tkl 3tfl 2pbu)

3. LB Dont’a Hightower JR (Alabama) – (’10 69tkl 3.5tfl 3pbu) (’09 16tkl 1sk 3tfl 1pbu) (’08 64tkl 2.5tfl)

4. LB Danny Trevathan SR (Kentucky) – (’10 144tkl 3sks 3tfl 2pbu 3int) (’09 82tkl 5tfl 1pbu)

5. CB Stephon Gilmore JR (South Carolina) – (’10 79tkl 3sks 3tfl 2pbu 3int) (’09 56tkl 3sks 3tfl 8pbu 1int)

6. DE Jake Bequette SR (Arkansas) – (’10 32tkl 7sks 1.5tfl 3pbu) (’09 39tkl 5.5sks 3.5tfl 2pbu) (’08 45tkl 1sk 2tfl 1pbu)

7. CB Morris Claiborne JR (LSU) – (’10 37tkl 1tfl 6pbu 5int)

8. LB Jerry Franklin SR (Arkansas) – (’10 100tkl 6.5sks 6.5tfl 2pbu) (’09 94tkl 1.5sks 3.5tfl 3pbu 3int) (’08 87tkl 1.5sks 2tfl 5pbu 2int)

9. FS Robert Lester JR (Alabama) – (’10 52tkl 1sk .5tfl 4pbu 8int)

10. LB Ryan Baker SR (LSU) – (’10 87tkl 7sks 4tfl 1pbu)

11. CB Brandon Boykin SR (Georgia) – (’10 44tkl 1sk 5.5tfl 3pbu 3int) (’09 54tkl 2.5tfl 6pbu 3int)

12. DE Devin Taylor JR (South Carolina) – (’10 46tkl 7.5sks 5.5tfl 8pbu 1int) (’09 28tkl 2sks 3.5tfl)

13. LB Jelani Jenkins SO (Florida) – (’10 76tkl 2sks 3tfl 1pbu 1int) (’09 38tkl 3tfl 6pbu 2int)

14. LB Jerico Nelson SR (Arkansas) – (’10 87tkl 2.5sks 8.5tfl 4pbu 1int) (’09 74tkl 2.5sks 4tfl 2pbu 1int) (’08 38tkl 3.5sks 1pbu)

15. CB Dre Kirkpatrick JR (Alabama) – (’10 53tkl 4tfl 7pbu 3int)

16. DT Josh Chapman SR (Alabama) – (’10 31tkl 1sk 2.5tfl 2pbu) (’09 17tkl .5sk 2tfl) (’08 16tkl 4tfl)

17. DT Fletcher Cox JR (Miss State) – (’10 29tkl 2.5sks 4tfl) (’09 29tkl 1sk 2.5tfl)

18. FS Tramain Thomas SR (Arkansas) – (’10 83tkl .5sk 4.5tfl 5pbu 4int) (’09 32tkl 1tfl 3int) (’08 30tkl 2tfl 2pbu)

19. DT Jaye Howard SR (Florida) – (’10 29tkl 3sks 9tfl) (’09 29tkl 1.5sks 1.5tfl)

20. FS Janzen Jackson JR (Tennessee) – (’10 69tkl 1sk 3tfl 6pbu 5int) (’09 37tkl 1sk 3pbu 1int)

21. DT Malik Jackson SR (Tennessee) – (’10 48tkl 5sks 6tfl 4pbu 1int)

22. LB Herman Lathers JR (Tennessee) – (’10 75tkl 2.5sks 2tfl 1pbu) (’09 52tkl 2.5tfl)

23. SS Sean Richardson SR (Vanderbilt) – (’10 98tkl 1sk 6tfl 5pbu) (’09 84tkl 4.5sks 2pbu) (’08 11tkl)

24. LB Chris Marve SR (Vanderbilt) – (’10 80tkl 2.5sks 5.5tfl 2pbu) (’09 121tkl 1sk 5.5tfl) (’08 105tkl 3sks 3.5tfl)

25. LB Winston Guy SR (Kentucky) – (’10 106tkl 4tfl 2pbu 3int) (’09 60tkl 1sk 1tfl 5pbu)


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