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Top Ten Tailgating Products to Buy for Football Season

Updated on November 24, 2014

Grilling at the Tailgate Party

Photo by artur84
Photo by artur84 | Source

Products for Tailgating

Tailgating started in the late 1800s when the first college football games were played. Today, tailgating is done at most sporting events and even concerts. There is a lot of preparation involved with tailgating so get your friends involved so that you don't have to bring everything yourself. Prepare for your next event with this gear.

Gear up for gameday - Football Kickoff - with Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

Sam's Club is your tailgating headquarters for club packs of Coca-Cola and coke zero, official NCAA and NFL threads, TV's, grills, snacks, and everything you need to make your tailgating party a success. Nearly all the products discussed below can be ordered from Sam's Club. To shop for Tailgating gear at Sam's Club, CLICK HERE.

All about Tailgating - And Recipes

Portable Gas Grill with Cover

A portable grill is the first tailgating item that you need for your tailgating party. Cook your favorite burgers, steak, hot dogs, italian sausage, seafood, pork chops, and carne asada tacos. Cuisinart has a 12,000-BTU tabletop gas grill which features a stainless-steel burner. The twist-start ignition makes it start-up easy. Within a few minutes after lighting the grill heats up to ideal cooking temperatures. The grate is made from porcelain enamel-coated cast iron. Other helpful features include a modular grill-surface system, removable all-purpose veggie panel, folding side shelves, temperature gauge, propane tank (not included).

According to one reader, the best barbeque is done with wood chips. Try the Chip Variety Pack which contains one 180 cu. in bag variety of cherry, mesquite, apple, and hickory flavors. Use these wood chips on your gas or charcoal grill, or electric smoker. Also included is the WESTERN Reusable Smoker Tray which can be loaded with one flavor or a combination of flavors.

Roller Cooler on Wheels

Every tailgating party needs a cooler full of ice and cold drinks. Opt for the Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler which holds 60-Quarts of your favorite beverages. This cooler has an ergonomi cube design which make lifting easier. The telescopic handle allows you to wheel your cooler to your event. No more lifting heavy back-breaking coolers! And you'll never hear this again, "Honey, can you lift this? I can't pick it up". The handle also has a convenient locking feature. The cooler's lid has four cup holders which are molded into the top. This cooler is a definite must-have for tailgating!

Portable Ice Maker

Portable ice makers are keeping tailgating party-goer's drinks colder than ever! This iGloo compact ice maker will blow you away! The iGloo produces up to 26 pounds of ice per day. You can have ice in your cold beverage in no more than 6 minutes! The iGloo ice maker will store up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time and has a 2.3 Quart reservoir with electric controls and LED indicators. Never again miss a play in the game because you had to make a run for ice! The iGloo has a compressor cooling system which operates at low noise. Your buddies will certainly want one too!

Sideline Canopy Combo and Lawn Chairs


Sideline Canopy Combo and Lawn Chairs

Enjoy the game from the sideline out of the sun and rain in the comfort of the sideline canopy (above). Includes two comfortable quad chairs and wheeled carry bag for easy transport. Purchase the Fastraxx Sideliner Canopy Combo 4' x 8' direct from Sam's Club (link above).

Need extra chairs? Order a few portable reclining chairs from Amazon (to the right). The seats are padded with a comfortable back rest that is covered in durable polyester canvas. Three seating positions are available with adjustable arm rests and a large zippered pocket on the back.

60" LED Smart HDTV with Wi-Fi

This LED Smart TV has an ultra-narrow 10mm frame, crystal-clear LED-lit picture and a faster, easier-to-use Smart TV experience. With built-in Wi-Fi, this TV is perfect for tailgating! Plus, after the game enjoy the E-Series which connects you to the latest hit movies, TV shows, and music from premium apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, IHeartRADIO, VUDI, HuluPlus, YouTube, Pandora, and more! This TV also comes with the latest technology including Full-Array LED, Active LED Zones, and the full HD makes this product perfect for sports tailgating.

HD TV Antenna

The Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin HDTV Antenna is perfect for tailgating! Watch your favorite football game for free.

First there is the popular Mohu® Leaf Ultimate. This paper-thin HDTV antenna reaches out in a 50-mile radius from your location to bring you the most popular broadcast sports, on both network and local television in full 1080 HD – for FREE. Watch stations like PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. The Leaf Ultimate is derived from advanced U.S. military technology and is combined with Mohu’s CleanPeak™ filter technology to eliminate unwanted cellular or FM signals.

Next is the brand new Mohu® Leaf Metro. This antenna is able to reach broadcast towers in a 25-mile radius from your location, this trendy new addition to the company’s popular Leaf antenna family delivers top performance in a stylish, small package. Its reversible black-and-white “bowtie” design dresses up any TV set. The Metro is also ideal for tailgating parties.

Char-Broil's Top 10 Tailgate Tips

Adjustable Folding Tailgating Table

Expand your party to include friends by setting up a party table filled with your favorite grilled foods, snacks, condiments, plates, cups, napkins, and utensils. These portable tables make your tailgating party much more convenient and relaxed. Opt for a larger table like the Coleman Pack-Away Folding Table (to the right) to share with a group of friends or a table-for-two like the OAGear - Happy Tailgate table (below). The OA Gear Happy Tailgating Table comes with a bonus utility pouch below.


The best generator on the market, today, is the Black Max 3,550 Watt Portable Generator - for the price and wattage range. The generator is easy to use with wheels, a handle, and all the outlets you'll need for your tailgating party. This generator has the power to keep your party going. It also features a four-in-one digital display, low oil shut down, circuit breaker protection, and a noise-reduced spark arrestor muffler.

42" VIZIO 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Wireless Subwoofer & Surrounds

Block Rocker Explorer Sound System w/ Bluetooth

Rock'n Stereo System

Convert your car, TV, iPad, iPhone, or other Bluetooth devices into a tailgating party machine with a better sound system! This is a fun and inexpensive way to project your music or TV channel out into the parking lot while you're grilling t tailgate events. With additional speakers you can park, open up your trunk, or windows, and toggle the radio output to these speakers. Now everyone can hear your sound, not just the few people inside the car or truck.

Choose the Block Rocker Explorer Sound System with Bluetooth. This all-in-one sound system works with iOS devices, MP3 players, microphones, and instruments. The bluetooth wireless capability means that you can connect your iPad, iPhone, or other Bluetooth music (or radio) devices right with you as the music plays. Listen to your favorite radio station, and the BIG GAME; just dial it in on the Explorer's Bluetooth's built-in AM/FM radio.

The Vizio Home Theater Sound bar is designed to fit any medium to large sized HDTV which features a wireless subwoofer and dedicated rear satellite speakers (which puts you in the center of the sports action). The built-in bluetooth feature allows you to wirelessly stream music (or the game) from your smartphone or tablet with Dolby Digital DTS Digital Surround to bring the game to life! This is the ultimate sound system for tailgating.

Football Tailgating Fan

Photo by vectorolie
Photo by vectorolie | Source

Duracell - GoPower Day Trip Back-Up Battery

Portable Phone Charger

Now, we've thought of everything! Don't forget to order a portable charger for your smartphone. The Duracell - GoPower Day Trip Back-Up Battery is the most compact, pocket-sized portable power bank on the market. This product offers instant power for your phone (for up to 8 hours of talk time) so that you can avoid battery anxiety and stay charged everywhere you are. With this product, you don't need a power cable or outlet. It will charge with the same speed of rate as if you'd had it plugged into a wall charger.

Recharge the Back-up Battery with a Duracell PowerMat charging pad (sold separately). To recharge, just set down the battery - there's no need to plug in! The Duracell PowerMat is a home base for your battery. When you're in need of a charge, drop the Duracell Back-Up Battery into the Duracell PowerMat and then when you're ready to head out, just grab the Back-Up Battery and go!

You can also recharge your back-up battery at any PMA (Power Matters Alliance) wireless charging station. These are typically located at select Starbucks, McDonalds, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Delta Air Terminals, and Delta Sky Clubs, Madison Square Garden, Barclays Center, and Jay Z's 40/40 Club. These products are built for convenience and to withstand the rigors of being on the go with you!

Other Helpful Tailgating Links and Products

Football Tickets by Venue Kings

Venue Kings
Venue Kings | Source

Football Tickets

Are you looking for inexpensive event tickets? Catch the greatest football tickets in the Nation with Venue Kings. Receive $8 at check out by using code FALL8OFF through 12/31/2014. To browse tickets, CLICK HERE.

Venue Kings offers the best tickets for sports, theater, and concerts in North America. They offer a 100% buyer guarantee. You buy the tickets, Venue Kings calls to confirm your order, and then your tickets are delivered.

Comments Please...

Tells us your greatest tailgating recipes and tips. Do you have any funny experiences to share as well? What products do you recommend? What tailgating games do you know?


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    • Melinda Longoria profile imageAUTHOR

      Melinda Longoria, MSM 

      3 years ago from Garland, Texas

      I like the air conditioning too. lol ;-)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Are you ready for some football? Hell, yes! Bring it on. If I liked crowds I'd actually go to a Seahawks game, but I much prefer my livingroom. :)


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