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Topwater Lures Can Produce on Overcast Days

Updated on September 28, 2012
In this case, the bigger the Pop-R, the bigger the hybrid striped bass.
In this case, the bigger the Pop-R, the bigger the hybrid striped bass.

Ohio Rver Hybrid Striped Bass Smack Pop-R's

by Robb Hoff

September 28, 2012

Without a Rapala Shad Rap left in the tackle box, what's a poor fisherman to do.....try some of the dozen other crankbaits, spoon lures or rubber shad hooked to big jug heads.

As it turned out, the trick on this overcast Friday morning turned out to be topwater -- namely a big Rebel Pop-R.

The fish pictured was 15-inches long and hefty -- likely in the three pound range. A lot of times these bigger fish are deeper, but when the sun is shrouded by clouds, they'll migrate up the water column and feed like smaller hybrids.

Fishing with a Pop-R can be tricky. Even with six hooks hanging below the surface, the hybrids don't always connect. The best way I've found to avoid setting the hook at nothing and having the Pop-R jettison out of the water right back at you is to slowly pull until the fish is felt then ease into setting the hook.

The bigger the Pop-R, the bigger the fish generally but sometimes you'll catch a hybrid that's barely as big as the lure itself.

Using topwater for hybrids is the ultimate sight fishing. Watch the shad and when the surface busts, cast right into the thick of it then get ready for a fight!


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