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Training For Vertical Jump - How To Jump Higher and Dunk

Updated on January 20, 2011

Training For Vertical Jump

Many young players and basketball enthusiast are always looking for the perfect training for vertical jump increase so that they can be able to play in the air, soar for dunks and start dominating on both ends of the basketball court.

The truth is however, that training for vertical jump is not always easy. This is because, a lot of effort and commitment is needed to be put into the training schedules. Not to mention that you have to cope with body fatigue and the discipline to follow the proper workout schedule.

Nonetheless, if you are able to do that, then, you should be able to see an increase in your verticals in as fast as 2 weeks. One of the tips and tricks that I've used in helping the body recover and cope better from the the fatigue and motivation, is to listen to motivational sound tracks and more importantly, drink lots of water to help replenish your energy and water loss.

For all that I know, you may also need protein supplements to help build those muscles and repair those tissues after a heavy workout... so that you can keep going without feeling sore all over.

These principles, while basic.. are one of the very keys to keeping yourself o the schedule while reaping the full benefits out of your vertical jump trainings.

Strength Training For Vertical Jump

Well, obviously... if you want to jump higher and start dunking... your will need to add strength training into part of your workout routine. Ask yourself, have you seen any professional players who are thin and sickly ?

Even if they are, do you think they can throw down an impressive dunk ? Well.. not exactly the picture perfect photos you want...

So.. in order to increase your vertical leaping power, you need to add strength training into your workouts. No 2 ways about it.

When your body are conditioned to the heavier weights and intensity, the muscles of your body will then start to grow.. and when your muscles grow.. naturally will your strength and explosive power for your jump.

Some of the most effective strength training workouts for vertical jump are:

1) Power Clean

2) Leg Presses

3) Weighted Lunges

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Explosion Training For Vertical Jump

The other word that I like to use in describing the word explosion is speed. Yes, Speed is the other element to help you maximize your vertical gains.

If you want to jump higher, then you should also be using speed training for vertical jump increase as part of your workout routine.

When we talk about speed, one of the more effective training that'll put your muscles into adopting the contract and extension motion is plyometrics. Plyometrics are trainings and workouts that are designed to help train your fast twitch muscles.

When your muscles are able to contract and extent at rapid speed without "breaking", massive power is produced. Think "stretched rubber band".

When you combine plyometric exercises and strength training into your workouts, you should be able to see a great gain in your vertical jump faster than you ever thought possible.

Here are some of the most effective explosion training for vertical jump:

1) Depth Jumps

2) Side Step Jumps

3) Platform Jumps

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