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Training Outside

Updated on May 17, 2011

Training Outside

 This is Sensei's favorite way to train.  Like the Ninja long ago he uses every aspect of nature to teach his students to be quiet and look and listen.  We can be like the wind, constantly moving, silent and feeling, or we can be as sturdy as a tree, almost any wind could come and we could stand strong.  In this class so far I've learned to constantly be moving.  It is important because if you are constantly moving, it is difficult for someone to take you off balance.  We use trees to strengthen our hands.  We use the ground to strengthen our backs.  We use pain itself to be able to take a hit.  These are things that sadly have been forgotten by most schools of training.

How could you even learn to fight if you can't handle the pain?  I have changed my thoughts about feeling pain.  Sensei always says, "You must feel the pain"  "You must embrace it, feel it and even crave it to a point."  When I first started to train I thought he was nuts, but now I finally understand what he was talking about.  If you feel the pain often enough, when someone attacks you, you will be able to stand back and say "is that all you got?"  Embrace it..

So we leap, we do ukemi over a stick and we chase each other and hide and practice to learn the art of Ninjitsu.  It truly is an art that even if you are a beginner, you are gonna walk away with a new feeling of empowerment.  About yourself, the kind of people you associate with and you remember for a while what it is like to be free.


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