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We Need Soccer Roots in the USA

Updated on January 22, 2013

The United States is known as the soccer mom capital of the world. Why? Because the USA has soccer programs galore. However, our American kids are put into these programs for social status or just to have our obese kids stay away from video games all day. Basically, our kids are taught to like soccer; it's not in them or innate.

The USA was able to finally restore a league in 1996 (MLS: Major League Soccer). The league went through ups and downs, but it finally started gaining some respect and getting some success. It's still a new sport to Americans. It has no street culture yet. Yes, you see men getting together at parks to play scrimmages, but these men are the old school guys who have parents that followed soccer religiouisly. Also, it's men that you see playing soccer not kids.

When kids get together in the streets, here in the USA, they usually play baseball, football, or basketball. In the cold regions of the USA, kids go for hockey. In New York, stick ball is a major street actitivity apperantly. That is just wonderful, because that is part of our American culture and that is why we have leagues in those particular sports.

Worldwide, we tend to dominate at many sports, except soccer. Why? The reason is because soccer is not a street culture in our American streets!

In many other countries around the World (most of South America and European countries) kids play soccer passionately in the streets. Even in poverty stricken countries, kids will find any which way they can to have a soccer scrimmage. Some kids in Brazil and even in some countries in Africa will play with a cloth ball to have their soccer rush for the day. That aspect, that love for the sport that is in the blood is missing for American kids. Our kids have that love but for other sports.

Now, our country has wonderful soccer programs that are even better than what many other countries have. The sprouting of soccer clubs are growing in the US in a very fascinating way, and it is functioning as the birth of soccer lust for our kids. The only thing wrong is that these soccer programs are like piano lessons. It takes these programs to make our kids like soccer. In other words, they learn to like it not like it because its in their heart.

Yes, soccer is growing slowly but surely in the United States. Many immigrants are bringing that culture to America and is sticking gradually for the better. Americans are starting to become more competative with the sport since it is the favorite around the world. That competative side that Americans have is very innate. It's very American to want to compete and win, and that is the factor that will keep soccer alive here in the US. .

Still, once this country establishes a street culture for the sport, it will be more succesful in the big spectrum of soccer. It will eventually get there, because the good thing that America has is open arms when it comes to sports. This country is a little stubborn about it, because changes occur slowly in this country, but eventually they happen for the better.


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    • Eric L. Andrews profile image

      Eric L. Andrews 5 years ago from Midwestern United States

      Good hub. I have always believed that soccer's biggest downfall in the U.S. is its lack of scoring. Americans get pumped up when there are alot of points or runs scored. We like everything big. Hockey you may point out, is fairly popular here and low-scoring. However, it features much more physicality and violence than soccer does. That is one major reason it is accepted more in the U.S. than soccer.