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UFC 187: Jones vs Johnson: Match Prediction

Updated on April 28, 2015

UFC 187: Jones Vs Johnson

UFC 187 is right around the corner, and for you UFC fans, you already know who is headlining this event! For those of you who do not know, it is Jon Bones Jones, the UFC Light Heavyweight champion, vs Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson, who will be attempting to take the title away from Jones. If you are familiar with this fight and both of their careers, you have probably already made your prediction, and with that said, we too have made our prediction. Read on to find out who we think will win this fight, as well what we think the strengths and weaknesses are of each fighter and so forth.

Jones' Strengths And Weaknesses

Jones is the champ for a reason and that is because of his strengths. One of his strengths is his speed. Jones is fast in the octagon, and not only that, but he is versatile, as he can strike from just about any direction and regardless of which direction he strikes from, it has the potential to do some serious damage. Another strength is his experience, as he has defeated some of the best fighters in the UFC.

To sum up some of his best strengths, as mentioned above, some of his strengths are as followed:

  • Speed
  • Versatility
  • Experience

As for Jones' weaknesses, we believe he doesn't have any going into UFC 187, or generally speaking.

Johnson's Strengths And Weaknesses

Johnson has some serious knockout power. Remember, this is a guy who won a bout with Alexander Gustafsson, which is no easy feat. Let's not forget that he has amazing stand-up, and that may play a huge role in how successful he is when he faces Jones. Asides from that, Johnson also has speed and that too may be the determining factor in whether or not Johnson wins the bout.

In short, some of Johnson's top strengths, as mentioned above, are as followed:

  • Knockout power
  • Great stand-up
  • Speed

As for weaknesses, it doesn't appear Johnson has any! With Jones not really having any weaknesses too, you can see how this fight is going to be one of the most exciting fights of 2015!

Jones vs Johnson: Prediction Round By Round

Round 1
This round will likely be slow going but in the middle of it, it will like pick up some pace, with Jones and Johnson delivering an equal performance. Expect this round to end in a draw, as I think both fighters will tread carefully, feel each other out. Even though the first half of this fight will likely be slow going, it will still be exciting. The chances are this round will be one of those rounds where the fight stays standing, so we are expecting both fighters to stay standing while battling one another.

Round 2
This round will be fast paced, as this is the round both fighters will likely want to make a statement and try to end this fight. Will the fight come to an end in this round? Nope, but we do predict that for the most part, this round will also see both fighters on their feet. Even though it will be a close round to call, we think Jones' speed will come in handy in this round and help him get the edge in this round. We think this round will be Jones' round.

Round 3
This round will even be more fast paced, but instead of Jones coming out the winner, we predict that he will end up on the ground a number of times, while Johnson hovers over him and tries to end the bout. In other words, we think this is the round when Johnson will look like he is about to take the fight and title via TKO or KO, but we expect Jones to survive the third round. If this were to happened, then Johnson would easily win this round and the fight would go into the fourth round.

Round 4
This round will be a little different, as Jones would like do the hit and run technique, which means he will likely launch a few strikes, land them, then run away before doing it over and over again. Johnson may even hit the mat once or twice, but we expect him to make a quick recovery, but for the most part, the round will entail Jones striking, landing and staying away and repeating. We believe Jones' strategy will allow him to dominate round four, but Johnson will survive this round and the fight will continue on into the fifth and final round.

Round 5
In the last round, both fighters will likely go all out and this will be one explosive round, and as for who will win, we believe it will be Jones. We think he will defeat Johnson via KO or TKO with just a minute or two left in the round, and this means Jones will retain the title.

We don't know who is exactly going to win, but we do believe Jones will retain his light heavyweight title, and if he does, then maybe the next bout will be a super-right with Cain Velazquez, if he defeats Werdum in the near future!


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